Hurry for Amylynn Chase

(Image via her FB)

Punkystyle is hosting another clothing swap with StyleHive independent designers market in Cambridge, Massachusetts
. Amylynn Chase who hosts Punkystyle, just had a very successful swap at the Lucky Dog here in Worcester... bringing in 70 guests, 21 raffle items (Festival Creative donated a couple pairs of handmade earings!) and ultimately donating over 30 bags of clothing to charity. Check out the details here.

Details from StyleHive and their blog:
When: Sunday, March 1st from 10am - 4:30pm

Where: Design Hive Market @ the Maria Baldwin School
Why: Because it's free, fun, and fabulous!
Who: Ladies only (sorry guys!)

She is the sweetest girl and one cool chica for rocking this! Check out her blog. I heart Amy!

cipa cipa

bathtime is dreamy

image by vlad babau

Improve your memory

Yesterday, an article was written in Science Daily about a study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology. Subjects who "doodle" had a 29% higher recall of things that were happening while drawing. (Other articles about the study in Wired, BBC News, Discover Magazine) "Doodling" is fine for some, but to fully enhance and increase retention even more...

Imagine if you did a Zentangle and fully committed yourself to the meditative state by learning more about the technique of mindfulness and endless possibilities?

One of the benefits listed at Zentangle.com:

Deliberate Focus

Just as you make a deliberate pen stroke on your Zentangle, that very act of putting your pen to paper focuses your attention in a way similar to meditation or being "in the zone." As your eye follows your pen strokes your attention shifts to a state that allows fresh thoughts, new perspectives, and creative insights to flow unhindered by anxiety or effort.

(for more information, see here)

If you are in the Central Massachusetts area and would like to learn more about
Zentangle Workshops
for your
business, school, personal enjoyment, retirement home...
(the possibilities are endless)

you can contact me directly at
mlhiggs2 AT yahoo.com


image via MGB


Spotlight on Scott Boilard

The art of Scott Boilard has impressed me immensely, since I first saw it several years ago at his solo show at the Bijou Gallery, here in Worcester, Massachusetts. His style is fantastic abstract expressionism. After reading his artist statement, I am blown away at his depth of thought and contemplation when it comes to his art. Each piece is as stunning as the next. The light, the details, the incredible imagination hit you like a tidal wave. With a mind and foresight of an artist completely loyal to his style, Scott constantly surprises and innovates with his spontaneous and subconscious work.

Scott was invited to Pushkin, Russia in 2005 for an artist exchange and representative of Worcester, Massachusetts, as a sister city. He has supported and participated in local art throughout his career. He is an original participant of stART on the Street and participated in our first Cirque du Noir 2008 fundraiser for the Worcester County Food Bank. As a friend and a colleague, I am incredibly fortunate to be inspired by his art on a daily basis. Scott brings his sketch books everywhere and occasionally I devour this more than his painting. His preliminary sketches and brainstorming side notes are worth a king's ransom.

Scott Boilard was recently featured in the 20 Artists of Worcester the concept of Scott Erb of Erb Photography. Portraits taken by Erb of each of the artist in their studio space were showcased, expertly.

A little shared inspiration?

These Gaultier shoes are new for 09, but mine shown above are from a few years ago. Looks like someone liked the Pedro Garcia ballet ribbons. I tied them differently, because the silk satin ribbon slides and loosens. Both are stunning and the rivets add a nice edge to the delicate and femme shoe.

A few more pix...

Some of the original creations that Zentangle has inspired.
(if anyone reading knows who's they are, please let me know!)

The designs of our new friend Mickey Weitsen, a calligrapher and potter from Covington, Louisiana right outside of New Orleans. I had the wonderful pleasure of having lunch with her and her husband Howard, an award winning artist...come to find out, someone else was being modest! They commented like many people there that it was the best seminar/workshop they had ever attended. No surprise! Rick and Maria planned everything down to the very last detail.

Fina Mann, who came all the way from Hong Kong, a 20 hour flight--- to be at the Zentangle seminar.

Scott Boilard's designs were so amazing. He blew everyone away and created a bunch of original patterns. Mickey and Nancy take a look at the break. Maria asked him to personally demonstrate one of his favs. My fear of public speaking kept me in my seat. UGH. I am such a chicken. I had alot to share and must get over this!

On Fire...

Let me say, I left the Zentangle seminar on fire and so energized to not only learn the art from Rick and Maria personally, and get the whole scoop...but my creative energy was through the roof. I am still reeling.
(image above of me and Kim depicts exactly how I feel! photo by Andreea)

Now I see patterns in everything and can't wait to repeat them on paper. It's not just seeing them, it's knowing I am aware and open to seeing them. Mindful wonders.

(image above of grapes from the Murfatlar Vineyard in Romania, taken by moi)

(image via ffffound)

(more patterns above and this cool packaging via fffffound)

...on fire!


An Unbelievable Day

Sparing no detail, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts put together an incredible evening reception at their home the night before our first day. There is a fine art to hosting and treating guests to moments of open candor and unforgettable magic. This is the stuff of life. This is living in the moments, in a world out of the box while being aware of every single second. This is what Zentangle teaches, "One Stroke at a Time". This is the very essence of who, what and how the art of Zentangle was concieved. You see, not only have I been inspired by Zentangle, but I am a huge fan of this dynamic duo, since working on The Folios of M. Thomas a few years ago, and a stationery album released in 2008 called Escargot, both for Checkerboard.

a collection of tiles by Scott Boilard...(amazing)

a mosaic of all participant's tiles after the first segment of the presentation

Today I headed out to Whitinsville, Massachusetts to attend the Zentangle Certification Seminar. Among a group of 50 really cool and diverse attendees, the day got started off with a bang. I was late (of course) and the group unanimously encouraged me to climb under a table to get to my closed off seat. People were laughing, Maria and Rick began the "encouragement" and it just got better from there.

When you are in the presence of these originators of Zentangle, you are truly in for a treat. Not like a scoop of vanilla after dinner or an amuse bouche to start, but a full on, blow your mind taste of the universe. Not only are they down to earth and witty as hell...BUT they are the most original, nonconformist, uninhibited duo to "tangle" with! Telling creative stories about the origins of concepts and the consumption of wine during brainstorming sessions is only one facet of their ying/yang style. The two of them are as connected and electric as two people can get. To watch them present is a joy in itself. Ultimately, there is the content of the Zentangle seminar too. From basic design techniques to the philosophical and meditative values, Zentangle is worth trying. It's like a sip of fine Rioja, a taste of the Belgian chocolate, an outerbody experience. Umm...the minutes following really good sex.

You get the picture. The best part is anyone can do it. Anyone can create a work of art in 15 minutes. Oh, I can't wait for tomorrow.

Let me tell you, I must have been transformed and reconnected with the cooking universe while tangling with my zen. I made the most insane eggplant parm for dinner tonight...fresh basil and parsley with chopped garlic and lemon zest. Ooh, and a bit of the juice squeezed over the first layer of roasted melanzane. You should have been here! The wine was pretty fantastic too. Thank you Payal for the decadent bottle of Cote du Rhone. I may have to have another sippy.

You live this life once.
enjoy dinner.
enjoy the laughter.
enjoy the pleasure of your 16 year old daughter doing those dishes.

(Don't forget.)


Win a one of a kind necklace...

Information & pix coming soon.

All friends of
Festival Creative
will be entered to win an
original handmade necklace,
made with love by me of course!

So become a friend today!

Adding some color to your life

(images via living etc.)

Rich deliberate color makes such a powerful statement. Refresh your interiors by adding just one bright colored piece. It could be an old desk, chair, mirror, table. Get to your local store and make a paint purchase...get out on that limb and choose a good strong color. Paint your piece and liven up your space. For a few bucks, you have an instant showpiece. Imagine a hot pink mirror! You know the one collecting dust in your attic. You won't be dissapointed. Throw in a coordinating pillow, a throw, or a vase to pull it all together.

I love the different use of plums in the top image, although I am not a fan of floral wall papers. Plum is huge these days. Try pairing it up with lemon or golden yellow to really make the color pop.The second image just feels like spring to me. The cool stripes and bright green on a white backdrop gives the color a crisp center stage profile. The last image is something I have been seeing a lot of...mixing black and white patterns with color...eclectic and sophisticated.

“I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately,

I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life,

To put to rout all that was not life

and not when I had come to die

Discover that I had not lived.”

--Henry David Thoreau, Walden

i am in love...

The Cynthia Vincent Luella via Piperlime.

If you have not discovered this site for shoes, you are missing big. Some of the pricetags are quite hefty and too big for my budget. These babies are $400....I can love them from afar. I have made several purchases and always get them fast, with great packaging, a nice note and exceptional customer service. So when you run across companies that go the extra mile and make you happy...tell your friends. Toot their horn. These companies deserve our business.

Adornment is never anything except a reflection of the heart. ~Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel


A Creative Evening

Scott Boilard and I sat around the dining room table tonight and zentangled, with wine of course. It's Monday, so why not. Tomorrow is the evening reception for the seminar and we are gearing up to have some cool stuff to bring with us. Bottom line...Scott's are much better than mine. He is the sketch master from another universe, so maybe I should go easy on myself. He can draw anything from memory with the finest detail known to humans. He is not real. His zentangles were a little more of the prolific and extraordinary talent with microns and profound vision that is Scott Boilard. Am I jealous, no, there is no way you can compete with this guy...unless you are DaVinci himself.

While we were "tangled" in the moment, Vladutz the photog was taking some pix. It's funny. I knew he was taking pictures, but I was lost, and didn't realize how long or how many he took. I was somewhere else. Scott and I had spotty conversation...we were just in the moment, enjoying a sip of wine and exchanging thoughts about the Oscar winners. BTW, He highly recommended Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight, and trust me if Scott recommends a movie, he knows. This is his other talent.

(see previous post on ZENTANGLE info)

Daily Dose of Inspiration

Don't you wish you get naked and hang out on trees!
Do something crazy once in a while.
You don't have to take your clothes off.
(sorry, i can't remember the source)
Remember to jump for joy every chance you get!

It's snowing again. I miss the sunshine and playing outside.
BUT enjoy every day given to you.

Visit the desert or photograph a small twig in your navel...
just live!

(last 3 images via vi.sualize.us)



two of my zentangles

In two days I will be heading to a Zentangle certification seminar in Whitinsville, hosted by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. The trend has been spreading around the globe and I am sure the seminar will be packed with cool and interesting people. I can't wait. If you google "zentangle" you would be amazed at the spread of this "culture" from blogs to flickr to yahoo groups.

Recently Rick and Maria at Zentangle were asked to collaborate with The National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) for a very unique project. The coalition awards Medals of Honor to recognize special people who have had a lasting impact on their own communities, our nation, and our world. Each medal winner was asked to do a Zentangle and the images were then represented on the poster.

"Leaders in art, science, law, national defense, education, philanthropy, industry, sports, medicine, and government drew these Zentangles. Who did which one? A U.S. Senator? An Olympic gold-medalist? A retired judge? Maybe a six-year-old daughter of a well-known philanthropist? The owner of a major sports team? Where is he from? What language does she speak? Without knowing, we can still appreciate this marvelous mosaic as we simultaneously honor each tile's individual and unique contribution."--from zentangle.com

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Rick and Maria on various stationery and invitation projects. They are two of the most dynamic and creative people I know, always full of creative energy and excitement. Visit their site and check out the exciting and relaxing movement that is Zentangle.

Eno Henze

works by Eno Henze of Germany

I love the free flowing forms, abstraction that lets you visualize whatever you interpret and the use of color combinations.


New York Fashion Week Favs

Images are by Getty, top left is from Ralph Lauren and others from Alberta Ferretti via coutorture.com.

Prediction: the really cool sheer legging like hosiery will be huge! I am loving the sheerness and the originality. I hate hosiery and love wearing pants under skirts, this is a perfect alternative to both. Stunning!

Graffiti of El Yunque

The urban decay of a small shelter on the El Yunque trail had us captured, lost in colors and textures. These are some of the images from our hike.