Couture from Unveiled

{collage board for Couture, Suite #12 from Unveiled by Checkerboard}

Images for this collage are provided by Michele M. Waite Photography and Cookie Creatives. The invitation shown is a 3 layer invite with a blush ribbon and a black moire envelope liner.


Invitation Inspiration: Unveiled

{images of new Unveiled invitations by Checkerboard}

When choosing wedding invitations, think about what your guest will feel like when they see it in their stack of mail. The envelope should stand out from all the others. Right? The addressing should be special, and when they open the envelope the design and the weight of the paper really makes a big difference. Even if you choose the simplest design, presentation and weight make all the difference. I love designing with our papers. Since I source most of them, because I am inspired by them, our designs begin with really wonderful papers that look and feel really good. When designing, I like to keep the potential couples in mind, thinking about what can make each invitation special and personal.

Keep your guests in mind when you choose your papers and envelopes, your invitation is a little gift to each guest actually. Inviting is a gift in itself. Expressing yourself with your invitation is easy when you start with a company that feels the same way! I am pretty lucky to work for a company that knows how important this is.
It makes my job so much more fun.


Finally, Unveiled

{new Checkerboard wedding product from the Unveiled, an "inspired wedding" collection}

Do you want to know where I have been? Maybe you just stumbled here, but I have been a little absent from blogging for a while. It's hard balancing family, work and fun with time spent connected to the keyboard, so I took a little break to try to find that balance.

About a year ago, I started designing for this new project, that was "unveiled" in May at the National Stationery Show in New York City. It has been a pretty exciting year. This collection and it's presentation of invitations
is very different from anything that is on the market today. {so cool!} We do all our trends research ourselves, watching fashion, design, decor, furniture, and color. My eyes are always open to translating fashion into paper. Created and inspired by couples that want to share their personalities with their guests, this collection of innovative invitations and imported Italian papers is finally on the market. It is so exciting hearing all of the feedback and wonderful comments. I hope this book, presented with full color inspiration boards, kicks up the heels of brides and grooms all over. The inspiration boards were a collaboration of amazing talent. Images from the incredible Michele M. Waite Photography of Washington State actually inspired the boards. She was a major contributor of images and time, as well as Jennifer Burkhart of Cookie Creatives, award winning cake designer Michelle Bohigian of Something Sweet by Michelle, Cathy Walsh of Sprout, Erin Wolczik and fantastic product shots by Adoniram Sides of Checkerboard.

{Unveiled inspiration board from Suite # 1, Presidio, featuring a new luxury envelope}

**The Unveiled Collection is hot off the press and not currently available online. You can call Checkerboard customer service {1.800.735.2475 or e-mail us at info@checkernet.com} to find a vendor in your community that carries Unveiled. Or, you can contact me if you are in Central Massachusetts!