Paintings of Mark Innerst

{work of mark innerst via elle decor}


stART at the Station 2010

{scott boilard, speaking to a short customer, about her favorite}

{the short customer liking handmade polymer bracelets, handmade millefiori beads by molly shattuck thomas}

{zentangle inspired bracelets by molly shattuck thomas, my pick for best of show}

{spencerian calligraphy pens of maria thomas, pendragon}

{peas on earth, by maria thomas, pendragon}

{a personal inspiration of mine, maria thomas making magic}

{worcester cartoonist, brian nelson with laurel}

{live statue, a very fun addition to stART}

stART at the Station :: Worcester :: 2010

Worcester loves art and handmade! The traffic in Union Station today was heavy, festive and vendors were selling out! That is a wonderful thing. For as long as stART has been hitting our streets and now our station, people come in numbers, and they are scooping up wonderful gifts of handmade goodness. We purchased two super sweet crocheted hats from Willows Loft, new to stART this year, with incredibly cute knits. Willows Loft hats are available on etsy if you click the link. I should have taken a pic.
The short customer is also wearing a fun kitty hat we bought. I hope the vendor catches this so we can find your name. We love the hat and we are planning on wearing it to bed!

A wonderful surprise was finding world renowned calligrapher Maria Thomas with her daughter Molly Shattuck Thomas at stART. If you would like to see her incredible skill in action, calligraphy and zentangle fans alike will love this video, called Betweed. There are alot of Zentangle videos on youtube about 150 as of today, but this one is by Maria herself. She and Rick Roberts are the founders of Zentangle. {Listen to the pen in the very beginning.}

A very successful day for art in Worcester. Big ups to the stART crew for all you do. If you went to stART and made a purchase, please comment here and post what you bought and who created it!