Are you coming to Slow Art Worcester?

“Looking” at art sloooowly...

1. Take 5-10 minutes to view each piece, move on when you would like, enjoy each piece and decide the elements that are most appealing to you. If a piece is not one of your favorites, stop and try to investigate why.

2. Look at an object first as a whole, to try and understand its "presence".

3. Then begin to "notice" the piece: look at its structure, surface, organization, level of abstraction-the touch of the artist. You are an explorer making discoveries.

4. I like to look at how the elements of design are present in a piece: (line, shape, color, texture, space, value). I find this is a real key to appreciating the work. For example if you look at an impressionist painting strictly in terms of color you begin to see that these paintings often use an ordered and restricted palette, same goes for contemporary art.This opens up the compositional structure, and attunes the viewer as well to tonal nuances within the color structure.

5. Notice repetition, flow, nuance, symbolism, technique.

6. Read the label and any curator’s comments, thinking about how this new knowledge fits with your observations.

7. Use associative reference to allow your brain to make reactions and put ideas together. What do you, the viewer, bring to the art? What part of the human experience does this artwork capture?

8. Don’t forget: If you really like something, just enjoy it, look at it, marvel at it! Take note of physical reactions and emotions, sometimes they jump right out at you!

9. By the way, don’t feel that you have to limit yourself to the pieces on the list; the museum is filled with amazing work that you will be drawn to. If you are compelled by any certain pieces, please write them down and share what drew you in.

Please share your experience with your friends and family and the rest of the world that experienced Slow Art.

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Email us! Michelle May and Kathy Horgan – mlhiggs2@yahoo.com and viriditas@verizon.net – any thoughts you have after the event, feedback, future Slow Art venues, etc.

We thank you for being a part of this historic and global slow art day 2010!

Slow Art Worcester tomorrow!

{image via wam}

Sloooooooow down for a few reminders...

SLOW ART WORCESTER is this Saturday 10:30-2ish at The Worcester Art Museum.
If you haven't registered yet, don't worry, you still can. Just show up at the door if you'd like. We are meeting at the Lancaster Lobby at 10:30, and the viewing starts at 11. This is not a WAM organized event, so it is not a "tour". Just a bunch of art lovers enjoying art a little slowly! The best part is getting together after for a little conversation about what we saw.

Featured in our 10 picks are pieces from the visiting exhibit, Who Shot Rock. With the recent passing of rock photographer Jim Marshall, whose work is epic and a true historical treasure to culture in the US. I am so happy that his work is available in Worcester for viewing. The exhibit is worth another trip back to the museum!

Please come. Almost 50 cities around the world are taking part of Slow Art Day! Be a part of this global movement and experience the amazing art we have here in Worcester. The Slow Art Facebook page is BUZZING. {I highly recommend the click!} The new Slow Art Day website is up and looking good. Visit and check out the press Slow Art is getting.

It's kind of incredible, check out the testimonials. Slow Art is getting a lot of press, so if you are reading this from afar, do find out if there is a Slow Art in your area. We are on every continent, except Antarctica. Bravo to Reading Odyssey and Phil Terry for the dedication to this event. It's one thing making an event success in your town, it's another to create a global experience. Yes, they have.

We have...see you Saturday.


Cookie Creatives

{images courtesy of jennifer burkhart of cookie creatives}

When you meet someone and just know that they are right up your alley, it is such a great pleasure. There is a lot to be said for a vibe, a notion that someone is on the same wave length. That's how I felt when I met both Michelle Bohigian of Something Sweet by Michelle and Jennifer Burkhart of Cookie Creatives. Both of their insanely talented wedding businesses are in Massachusetts. Michelle is right here in Worcester, known for her delicious cakes and award winning flower designs and Jennifer, who is fast becoming a crazy success herself, listed in Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book is between Boston and Western Mass. I have featured Michelle's cakes on Festival Creative before, maybe you saw the post. Both ladies were also incredibly generous and enthusiastic when asked to be a part of a fun collaboration I had brewing.

Months have passed and soon the finished products, our new wedding invitation collection will be at market. It was such a great experience having busy people put forth their efforts to make my work turn out the way I had envisioned it. Did I mention that I was a virtual stranger to them? I have met Michelle at Worcester's Taste of the Nation a few years ago and introduced myself. She remembered me a year later. I am so proud and happy to know them and recommend them to anyone needing their services. They go above and beyond for you!

If you would like to be a fan of Festival Creative Invitations on Facebook, join here.

Michèle M. Waite Photography

{images via michèle m. waite photography}

Recently, I have had the pleasure to work with some very talented wedding pros, one being Michèle M. Waite, photographer, mother, wife, and oh so creative. As long as I have been trolling wedding blogs, her images stayed with me. I can't imagine what that means to the couples that share their day with her. What a gift being a part of so many life changing events in people's lives. I know that creating invites gives me a pretty incredible feeling. Knowing we can create a lasting memory for people is pretty extreme. When I see our invitations on press, I am compelled to go take a peek to see the names and the place the wedding will be. Our clients are our dealers, so we never really get to meet the couples choosing our designs. I am lucky that I am a designer and also a dealer, so I can share a little of both worlds. I wish I could meet every couple really and say thank you!

Working with Michèle over the past couple of weeks has been amazing. I presented her with a crazy idea about changing the way our clients shopped and were inspired as they chose invitations. I started thinking that it is very romantic to plan all of the elements of such an incredible day. I wanted to give couples something exciting...imagery, that would get all of their ideas flowing. For this project, Michèle's photos were what inspired me really...looking at them, I thought how incredible it would be to share her creativity to enhance the experience of our customers and make it easier to plan. There are creative people that thrive on imagery and there are the people that gain so much insight as they use inspirational compilations as a tool.

Look at the 3 images above! I was so excited to share her photgraphs in our industry of paper, to inspire and guide. Wedding blogs and magazines are filled with imagery. I don't think there is a time in your life when you look for inspiration as much as when you are planning your wedding. Every detail is special. Michèle's work made my project rock! I cannot wait for our client to see it.


Our... Wormtown Rocks!

{image via WAM}

Wormtown Rocks!

Opening Reception for Worcester photo exibition of the local scene, featuring the work of friend Rich Gastwirt of stageshooter.com. He doesn't mess around...

{recent black eyed peas show by rich gastwirt}

Thursday, April 8, 2010 from 5:30 PM-8:30 PM
at the Higgins Education Wing of WAM

Worcester, known for its kicking music scene for all genres of music. We love incredible local talent and Worcester people and clubs have long supported this wonderful cultural asset of our city! On any given night you can venture out and fill that itch you may have for live music.

"This photo exhibition is a dynamic and unique snapshot of the music scene
of the area, highlighting both photographic as well as musical talents.
Celebrate this work at the public reception. In collaboration with
ARTSWorcester. Award ceremony at 7:30pm, music by
James Keyes, light refreshments, cash bar, and good company." -WAM