Inspired by fashion and good friends...

{Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2010 via descend into darkness}

Looking for some Cirque inspiration...a little pinot noir, Irish cheddar, honey from a friend's bees...when I should be catching some zzz's. I had an outstanding night last night at Maria Thomas and Rick Robert's house. They are the founders of Zentangle, and Rick is the keeper of bees. This art form and the message behind it is spreading virally around the world in record time. You should maybe check it out, as everyone who starts doing it, falls in love with time, space and their unknown creativity. Every single person is creative in some way. You just have to stop for a second, and TRY it.

From the Zentangle site:

Zentangle is simple to understand and easy to enjoy — even if you are convinced you are not an artist. With Zentangle, you can always explore new areas of experience and insight. Here are some theories which explain why Zentangle is not only easy and enjoyable, but also profound and uplifting. You Can Do Anything, One Stroke at a Time™...more

Oh, and by the way Rick Roberts, along with Scott Boilard, Derek Ring, Payal Kripalani, William Griffiths, Cynthia Woehrle will be at Cirque Du Noir on October 25th to celebrate art and contribute to the live art fusion all in support of the Worcester County Food Bank. Last year's fusion pieces raised about $1000 for the food bank. The silent auction was unbelievable. So many local artist donated pieces. They were spectacular!

Adoniram Sides, Scott Erb, Iris Chase, Erin Wolczik, Emily Quillen, Scott Boilard, Rick and Maria Thomas, Cindy Woehrle, Andreea Waters, Sue Donofrio, Laura Niemi, Scott Holloway, and others, friends of friends who so graciously contributed to the auction. The art was so outstanding. I was pretty overwhelmed looking at all of it before the night began.

Nothing is possible without great sponsors and even the press was excited...at the time of putting it all together, I had no idea that USTA NE was donating 2 tickets to the US OPEN! Pardon-a-me USTA for not having your name as huge as the MOON on that link...to be updated very soon.

Our venue was perfect. The staff at Bocado was in full Cirque spirit, dressing in all black and very creative attire. The food and the vibe brought the night full cirlce. I can't thank Niche Hospitality enough for bringing it like they did...and for being a leading sponsor this year.
We are so happy we chose Bocado and look forward to another amazing night of black magic here in Worcester.

Oh, yeah, tix are available on eventbrite.


Zentangles, Alexander McQueen and Drew Barrymore

{image of drew barrymore wearing alexander mcqueen via omg.com}

Today is a rainy Sunday in NE, so I decided to do some Zentangles, then had a little fun uploading them to flickr after I was inspired by some that Sarah Brueck Stallings posted. I popped over to another portal of my world to check my email and found this dress in an email. You decide!

kai and gipsy hits the racks!

{image via kai and gipsy.com}
Dance to the rhythm of your life...

Designed by kai and gipsy, the inspiration of Andreea Waters of Franklin, MA, by way of Bucharest with a slight detour through Worcester and on tangents, NYC, SF and anywhere else that has the energy that drives her creative spirit. The tees are designed to be "everyday wear with a sexy, comfortable and urban look". Great lines, colorful graphics and ultimate quality garments make each piece a must have. "Perfect for a walk in the city, lounging at your favorite spot, dancing, sitting by the fire..."

As long as i have known Andreea, she has danced to her own drum. This line of tees and the expressive message, inspired by dreamers, doers and a spirits that always express their personal style. She is the one who stands out in the crowd, she just may be you. This is the message on each piece. Read the tag, remember the message and bring it!

What sets them apart are the graphics, the art and eye. Each piece was photographed by Andreea and processed painstakingly to give you the incredible imagery and vibrant colors with street appeal. Each graphic has meaning and a story to tell, like this (above) African tulip found on the floor of rain forest at El Yunque in Puerto Rico. I can't wait for more.

{kai & gipsy @ pretty is pink / franklin, ma}

If you have been reading Festival posts all along, you may have read about the PR adventure. THIS is what comes of dreams, adventure and doing whatever it is in life you always wanted to do. "Making it happen" is so underrated. This is the essence of life. This is what the work is for. I really admire the ones that are out there making it happen.


Get some lovin'...happy weekend

{all images via ffffound, except the top snuggling feet one via vlad babau}


Getting in the Mood

{image of lacroix via coilhouse mag}
A little noir inspiration with more to come. Everyone is asking about the "black attire". For those who need a little push, and for those who can go the distance...I will be posting fun images for your interpretations! I have my eye on a few designers that could cause a stir, so stay tuned! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Last year there were some incredible costumes...like Scott Boilard. Scott ate chicken for a week and saved 'dem bones to create his magnificent and pretty scary "Gentlemen of the Catacombs" should I call him? Then you have Mike Donofrio, who rocked the Paul Stanley to the core.

Take the "creative black" and run...or simply wear your favorite black jacket and pants. I did see a tweed blazer that snuck in...I just don't know how, we had two savagely handsome men working the door that must have slipped, or it was our good friend, Laura Niemi's dad. Our doormen have a keen eye and are beyond forgiveness. With a name like Vlad and being from Transylvania, you never know when the spirit will come upon him. Be prepared to be harassed and staked if you show up in tweed this year, unless of course you are someones dad. Vlad, forgive me for using the "impaler" card, but it is so perfectly appropriate. {Romanians do not like the kitchy nature of all the "D" word attention, unless of course they own Bran Castle or sell trinkets to the unknowing tourists. I don't blame them}.

I have to say, I did visit Bran, but to see the nostalgia and to experience it for my kids who would have asked me why I did not go. Bran Castle is beautiful and sits atop a beautiful countryside. The doors of the castle were my favorite, intricately carved, but rather short. The long skinny hallway was also a favorite, as well as the courtyard and the many balconies with incredible views.

{bran castle, romania}



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Leave a comment here
about the last Cirque Du Noir or your plans for this year's Cirque Du Noir II
and email me / mlhiggs2(at)yahoo.com,
{so i can get your contact info for the tix...}
and you will be entered to
win 2 tickets to
Cirque Du Noir on October 25th
{$50 value}


stART your Sunday off right!

{logo by Scott Boilard}
from my stART email rec'd this very mornin':

Join us for stART on the Street 2009: stART in MOTION!!
It's finally here! Worcester's biggest and best cultural street festival

Sunday, September 20th
11am - 5pm,
Park Avenue between Highland and Pleasant Streets
Worcester, MA
Attendance is FREE!

Over 240 visual artists and crafters, 30 bands and performers on two stages, free interactive Youth Activites, 15 area restaurants and caterers and intergenerational activities brought to you by
WOOphoria, the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Worcester Cultural Coalition.

Want to learn more? View artists, performers, food vendors and
more at

We hope to see you there!

Help support stART on the Street by purchasing a 2009 T-shirt (logo designed by Worcester artist Scott Boilard), a shopping bag, 4"x4" sticker or our fun new Dog Tag souvenirs which entitle you to special promotions at area businesses.
Read more about the Dog Tags

Want to be a part of this HUGE celebration?
Come on down and spend 3 hours with us on Park Ave!
We need volunteers of all physical abilities, from ages 18 and up, between the hours of 6am- 7pm on Sept. 20th. Three hour minimum is requested. Free T-shirt and pizza!
volunteer@startonthestreet.org for more information
...then I will be "getting on my boots" for U2!


Cirque winners at US Open yesterday

{image via usopen.org}

{image via usta on facebook}

Again, I just want to give a huge thank you to USTA NE and Jeff Waters. His donation last year of two tickets to the US OPEN MENS FINAL were won by Sarah and Mike Wilander of Worcester, two big tennis fans and good friends. What a game to see! Federer could not come through and the victory went to 20 year old Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina.
{image of mike wilander @us open 09 via sarah wilander's FB}

Sarah and Mike won the best costume contest, dressed as "the cow went over the moon", Sarah's pregnant belly was handpainted as the earth, and Mr. Wilander's uh, cheeks were painted up as the moon. This donation was unbelievable! Sarah and Mike had almost a year to wait until they could use them, and every day of tennis was exciting leading up to the finals in Flushing Meadows. I know Sarah was wishing for Nadal. Instead, she got one of the most historical matches in men's history!
{a little rafa via andreea waters eye from us open 09}

Juan Martin Del Potro will be 21 in a few days, September 23...what a party if he is still in the States doing pr. Of course if he wanted cocktails in his home country he can do just that. Here, Juan can win the US Open, but can't have any champagne with his victory. Imagine that.


Next Pecha Kucha January 24th...

Last night was a little outrageous...
We are looking for presenters, sponsors and volunteers for PKN Worcester #3.
Please email if you are interested!


Come see what the Hullaballooo is all about...

Pecha Kucha Night Worcester
Sunday Sept 13th is Volume 2
at 55 Pearl, Worcester
Cindy Woehrle, Scott Zoback and I are gearing up for this next PKN Worcester.

Presenters lined up:
Jeff Baker~ Tech Head,
Creative HeartTrisha Barry~ 12 Months w/ a N.E. Farmer
Keith Cross~ Learning Letterpress. Mind Your P's and Q'sJ.
Stu Esty~ Community
Michael Gennert~ Robotics
Ian Hickey~ The Creative Process of Cooking
Lennie Peterson~ The Marriage of Music and Art
Jeff Warmouth~ Playing with food: An edible Journey through art, comedy and popular culture.

Sharing their passion in the 20x20 format about everything from Robots to Letterpress to Cooking and more! A few things we want you to know. Free Parking for 55 Pearl is available in the two lower lots on Pearl Street as well as on the street. The parking garage is closed on Sundays.

Doors open at 7:20/ Hors D oeuvres are being served compliments of 55 Pearl/Cash Bar

The front staircase entrance is open for this event with handicap access through the side door at the patio.

Thank you again for all your support at Vol. 1. See you at 55 Pearl.

Sunday Sept 13th.

come. chat. have a drink. listen. laugh. get inspired. go home. make cool stuff. think cool thoughts. be cool.

from press release:

Pecha Kucha is the international phenomenon that brings together thinkers, doers, and all types of "creatives" for a night of rapid-fire "show-and-tells," networking, conversation, and fun. The diverse group of presenters focus on their passions while sticking to Pecha Kucha's patented high-energy formula: thus, 20 slides in 20 seconds each. The 6 minute and 40 second format keeps the momentum flowing.

Pecha Kucha Night, devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham Architecture), was conceived in 2003 in Tokyo as a place for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. There is a demand that seems to be global - as Pecha Kucha Night has spread to over 230 cities around the world. Worcester, the 196th city networked into this global community, presented its first volume on June 14th 2009 at Bocado Tapas Bar.

fabric type on behance

{images via ffffound and behance}

Cirque Du Noir

Cirque Du Noir II will be held at Bocado on October 25th! A celebration of art and music to benefit the Worcester County Food Bank. Experience artists creating works in an art fusion. This event was so successful last year that we are expanding it this year. Try YOUR hand at contributing to a collectable piece. All proceeds from the art auction go directly to the WCFB.

A little Cirque inspiration below, as it is all black attire. Create a costume or come dressed in all black, you will enjoy an evening like no other here in Worcester! People are still talking about last year's event, so I am so happy planning for this year is getting underway. Website and ticket updates coming soon. Find out more on FB. Bocado is the perfect venue. Last year was amazing and this year will top it!

{image via dior}
{image via scoop}

{image via makebelievecostume}


Zentangle benefits all...

{image via mickey and howard weitsen}

A heart-shaped box that Mickey Weitsen decorated with zentangle art (and hand made paper liner) for an upcoming benefit for St. Tammany Art Association and New Orleans Museum of Art.

This wonderful image was delivered to my inbox over the weekend while I was away, along with a very beautiful note from Mickey Weitsen in a separate email. Sometimes people have the most amazing ability to say just the right thing at just the right time, and Mickey did just that! This year I had the pleasure of meeting Mickey and Howard who traveled up from New Orleans to be part of a Zentangle seminar held in Whitinsville, MA. As I write this she is recovering from surgery, and I hope is feeling better every day.

The beautiful design on this heart box is called Zentangle. This amazing art form not only brings people together from all over the globe, but the founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas say it best: "We believe that life is an art form and that Zentangle is an elegant metaphor for deliberate artistry in life. Explore our web site and learn how you can use this wonderful and uplifting discovery."

For those who are artistic and for those who have always longed to be. Discover Zentangle and unlock all of the most unimaginable talent you have! Anyone can do it and have beautiful results. Mickey, this piece is beautiful and is sure to ignite some conversation at the auction! Congratulations.


Burning Man 2009

{image via flickr by timmmip}

For those wondering, and wishing from afar, flickr has recent uploads of Burning Man 2009, now in full swing at Black Rock City. The art theme of 2009 is Evolution, which is fitting since it is 200 years since Darwin's birth, and 150 years since the publication of the Origin of the Species. To learn more and share insight with creative minds, be sure to look into Reading Odyssey, hosting amazing lectures right here in Boston.


little birthdays

When you turn 2, it's a big deal. Happy Birthday Soleil, who was born on Labor day two years ago today. We were spending the weekend in Falmouth and had to run home during the night, because little lady wanted to be born 2 weeks before her due date. 495 was a blurr for her dad, but he never knew the contractions were 4 minutes apart, until after she was here. I let him know about every other one, so he would not be breaking the law. Everything worked out just fine. I love singing "twinkle twinkle" "itsy bitsy spider", and thinking of "big pink spider cakes". mmm, spider cake.