The Nabucco collection via Designers Guild features Monteverdi fabrics. Out there in the world of textiles and conservatism, it is as edgy as it is lustrous. Shown here are oyster and turquoise color selections. The texture combined with the play on reflection are so interesting, making this fabric as rich as it is unique.

Also from DG is the Racine Collection, Eveline Ocean fabric is featured in the last image. The fabrics are so exciting and different. Eye candy for decor lovers.

Spreading Sproutness and Joy through Worcester

Our fine friend and community supporter Cathy from Sprout has offered FREE wreaths to all Worcester businesses! Inspired by the story of Eloise at Christmastime, she is on a mission to get some holiday decor happening. Thank you Cathy for spreading joy all over town.

From www.sprout-flowers.com

Wreaths will be available for pick up from
November 28 - December 6.

In this "down" economy, we'd like to infect everyone with a little holiday cheer and good will and make this city the sparkling place of my childhood imagination!


Inspired by F39, and it's country

Festival Creative was inspired by a little place called Festival 39 in Brasov, Romania. You've got to love the Chan Chan playing when you click on the link. Ibrahim would be proud. Aah, to sit in this place with the exposed brick walls and the cool recycled wood floors, a bottle of vin and some friends, is perfection. It is unpretentious and cozy, filled with nostalgic photos from years gone by. In the evenings this place gets pretty busy, as it is a Brasov fav. In Worcester, the equivalent place would have to be Nick's or Vincent's. It was there, at Festival that I finally settled in and felt like I was experiencing life in this provincial mountain town as it should be. Provincial only by way of the cobblestone and pastel stucco buildings of medieval architecture.

Although much of the cobblestone has been replaced with asphalt over the last few years, Brasov has been evolving into a must see town on a visit to Eastern Europe. From Sighisoara to Vama Veche, I could not get enough of the views, the food and the people. Oh yeah, then there's the Murfatlar, La Dinamo in Doi Mai, and The Stuf and Ovidiu in Vama Veche. Noroc to endless inspiration!

photo 1: Brasov, RO
photo 2:
First glimpse of water, Techirghiol, a lake on the way to the seaside with 10 hours of driving behind us
photo 3.
Miles to NYC on the top of the clock tower in Sighisoara, 3 hours north of Brasov
photo 4. Row houses in Sighisoara

photo 5:
Festival 39, Brasov

All photographs in this post by me.

Sea Glass and Nostalgia

Having fun on Etsy today, I came across items made by Jodie of Lake Erie Beach Glass. Her items tugged at my heart. I have been an avid sea glass collector since I could walk. I was trained by my mother and aunt on the long sandy shores of Nantasket Beach in Hull Massachusetts in the 1970's. Paragon Park and the days of skeeball there are long gone. I have to say, I can't go to the beach without walking the shores looking for those colorful treasures in the sand.

This summer at Doi Mai on the shores of the Black Sea, I came across a treasure trove of amazing sea glass. It was mine for the taking. Unfortunately, my eight month old was in the Baby Bjorn and I was pocketless! I stuffed as much as I could in every possible fold of clothing. It was like finding a pirate's bounty. My older children continue the tradition now, every summer on the secluded shores of Washburn Island, in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Soleil and I doing our best to find the treasures of the Black Sea at Vama Veche.

Thank you Jodie for making such cool and nostalgic treasures!


Noir, my friend and yours

Chic black interiors are dramatic and bold design statements. These are the qualities I love, crave and admire in other people! I just love the contrast of everything else against the backdrop. I thought my first post should go straight to the heart of me. I love all things black and dramatic. Writing for other blogs has gotten me all fired up to start one of my own. Inspired by so many images that don't relate completely to the other content I am writing about has prompted me to take on one that interests me and reflects my passions and my pleasures. I love beautiful things, people and places.

Inspiration above: white fireplace against black, www.designpov.com via the Washington Design Center, and bathroom from the style files.