Sea Glass and Nostalgia

Having fun on Etsy today, I came across items made by Jodie of Lake Erie Beach Glass. Her items tugged at my heart. I have been an avid sea glass collector since I could walk. I was trained by my mother and aunt on the long sandy shores of Nantasket Beach in Hull Massachusetts in the 1970's. Paragon Park and the days of skeeball there are long gone. I have to say, I can't go to the beach without walking the shores looking for those colorful treasures in the sand.

This summer at Doi Mai on the shores of the Black Sea, I came across a treasure trove of amazing sea glass. It was mine for the taking. Unfortunately, my eight month old was in the Baby Bjorn and I was pocketless! I stuffed as much as I could in every possible fold of clothing. It was like finding a pirate's bounty. My older children continue the tradition now, every summer on the secluded shores of Washburn Island, in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Soleil and I doing our best to find the treasures of the Black Sea at Vama Veche.

Thank you Jodie for making such cool and nostalgic treasures!

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