Don't get your panties in a ruffle...in 2010

{image via ffffound}

I love the ruffly undies. They remind me of some I had when I was three or four. I did not have the tattoo or the penchant for public nudity, even then. She reminded me to live a little, to let lose and let the elements get a little closer to your soul. There are so many things that make us stressed. My 2010 mission is to bask in the glow of friends, family, and try to relax. Thinking about that all day...take a look over at the other blog I write for and find eight ways relax. See you. xo, Michelle


Get down and dirty

I had to share this poster found on swissmiss by Roland Reiner Tiangco.
The cool thing is, you have to rub the dirt on your hands to reveal the text. I love it! Pretty innovative.


Haute Macabre Smoke and Ink

Hot off the press, this smoking chicky Nixon Sixx, is wearing a Smoke and Ink t-shirt dress complimented by some daring gladiator platforms. Designed by Courtney Riot and printed by way of our own kai and gipsy. {Today happens to be the birthday of Sag, Andreea Waters, founder of kai and gipsy, so head on over there and give her a "noroc".}


Life is Crazy

{image via ffffound}

Sporadic posts, sorry guys. Life is crazy right now.
Thank you to everyone that leaves comments and emails me personally.
Your feedback means alot and keeps me inspired!


Kseniya Simonova is simply breathtaking

She is 24, telling stories of the ages through her deliberate and confident strokes. Drawing simultaneously with both hands, to music, to memories, to a tearful standing ovation. She is such an inspiration to artists, as her imperfections become perfection and is wiped away in an instant, only to give way to another canvas of imagery. So stunning. A friend sent this to me and i thank him.