Oh the Wondrous Places...

{iphone image of "oh the wonderous places" by dr. seuss and published and created by forrest-pruzan creative and icandothatgames.com}

Last holiday season, I made a purchase at Barnes and Noble of a set of Dr. Suess travel cards. A set of "51 1/2 beautiful cards" for my daughter who is 2. Well, everyone loves the good doctor, especially me. Amazed and surprised was I to open the package and find incredible adventures in store. Of all the amazing places in the world, like Petra and Machu Picchu, I did not expect to find Burning Man in the mix. The game was created by Forrest-Pruzan Creative and published under icandothatgames.com. Thank you folks for this inspiring game, in the very spirit of Dr. Suess. I will look for more games created by you!


Perfectionists: Davis Art Gallery

{wyatt wade of davis publishing and a strategic woman,
who i almost stepped on earlier in the evening}

{a closeup of the work of bryan davagian}

{taking in the work of bryan davagian}

{a guest discussing details with the artist, howard b. johnson jr.}

{the work of howard b. johnson, jr}

{the work of scott boilard, always a favorite}

{j. fatima martins and john dion discussing the show, a johnson work in the background}

{"rising up" is a signature piece by scott boilard, was my show favorite}

Historically Davis has been a catalyst worldwide for it's publication of art resources. Worcester is incredibly lucky to have a company like Davis, enriching students and teachers with art publications through text and online media. Their stretch is worldwide and they are nestled in downtown Worcester between the RMV and the Worcester Public Library. How appropriate is it that they open their doors to Worcester as they host several art exhibitions a year.

The Perfectionists opened on July 23, with a smashing success. The show features the work of three Worcester talents, Scott Boilard, Howard B. Johnson Jr. and Bryan Davagian. Each artist is quite different in their own right, but the pleasure of viewing each is all in the details. The show of about 40 pieces is showing at Davis Gallery on the third floor of the Printers Building on Portland Street.

If you would like to read and see more images, visit Worcester Mag for Doreen Manning's article and cool hipstamatic photos and here for J. Fatima Martin's, in depth curatorial take on the show.

Stay looped...
Join the Worcester Artist Group on Facebook and pay attention to their happenings as well.

Art in the Park, hosted by Worcester Arts Council (with their snazzy new logo) is coming up too.

Worcester is rocking art all over the place. I love it!!!


Rodrigo y Gabriela

{images of Rodrigo y Gabriela from May 5th show at Capitol Theatre in Concord, NH}

If you love guitar, flamenco music or metal...yes, metal...you must discover the Mexican duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. Every song on every cd is incredible. What is even better than listening to them is seeing them. Do not miss a show if they swing by your town. They are due back in the states in August and are set to play Redrocks. That would be the most amazing place to see them. The ushers were not too pleased with the cameras, so I was happy I got a few shots even if they are fuzzy.


Unveiled: another sneak peek

{ Unveiled images courtesy of Checkerboard}

Just released and currently available nationwide, Unveiled is an exciting line of new wedding invitations from Checkerboard. We are based in West Boylston, Massachusetts where all of our invitations are handcrafted, actually all of our manufacturing is done locally. Images above also feature a vintage map and hot air balloon envelope liners, called Mediterranean and Montisi. These envelope liners are imported from one of the finest paper mills in the world, Magnani on the Pescia River in Italy. Our paper merchant had just returned from a European trip and brought in these amazing papers.

If you would like more information about Unveiled, contact your local stationer or you can call Checkerboard customer service {1.800.735.2475 or e-mail at
info@checkernet.com} to find a vendor in your community that carries Unveiled.

If you happened upon the previous post, I was designing this book as Laura Niemi Young was preparing for her show in Salem. This last invitation suite is called "Cirque", which is inspired by many things in my life. I was "uplifted" and surprised to walk into the Gulu-Gulu Cafe and see Laura's painting. You see, Laura is a former colleague and worked off site. She was not familiar with the work I was doing day to day...this just took me up, up and away!

Traveling: Laura Niemi Young

Recently, I was lucky enough to see Laura Niemi Young's work showing in Salem, Massachusetts. This was my fave. I just love the dreamy splendor of the loose clouds and the tight detail in the basket. The straight lines of the balloon and the netting also contrast with the incredible sky. My eyes could not stop roaming and discovering all of the nuances, colors and delicate detail. Each piece was more amazing than the next.

One of her paintings was also chosen for the cover of Quick Fiction. Check her out!

Brasov, Romania

{brasov, romania 2004}

Travel makes me so inspired. I can't wait for this year's trip to Brasov, so my little Sosi can see her Tiku! We have not been since 2008. That trip was so much fun, meeting our friends at the Black Sea. I just can't wait to hop on the plane.


Gladiator FitFlop Envy

{fitflop gladiator sandals that i must have and can't find}

I am so in love with these and can't find them anywhere. I must have been under a rock not to have been on top of this one. I desperately need them. sigh. Of course they are an old model, and are not currently sold ANYWHERE. her feet look so cute in them, don't they?


Calligraphy Animation: Dr. Martens

I found this amazing bit of incredible-ness of Dr. Martens: Lilac Wine on Legionthirteen's twitter today. Please click if you love art, calligraphy, music, awesomeness and creativity.


Friends, Old Friends

{image by the sartorialist via ffffound}

Facebook has brought a lot of old friends together. Sometimes real friends don't need facebook to do the trick, but it sure is an easy way to find and rally up the ones you miss. I got a message yesterday from an old friend from elementary school. We have been friends since I moved to the school in second grade. We were lucky. Our group from elementary school really remained friends all through life. I don't know how many people can say that. So, this friend that contacted me lives out of state now, but our families have kept in touch and live in the same town in the summer and the same state in the winter. You know, the lucky parents that retire and summer on the Cape and winter in the sun down in Florida, where the children and grandchildren can visit them and Mickey at the same time. A sweet life.

This weekend is her grandparent's 90th birthday party! Her whole family is together on the Cape for that celebration and she has invited me to join them, while they are still there. We used to call her grandfather "the candy man" because he sold candy and his home was filled with Willy Wonka style goodies. His house that I used to visit, was a camp on the Stiles Reservoir in Spencer. My mind is filled with the craziness of childhood and this friend, Laura, who really made it fun, i mean pee your pants "fun". So today's post is dedicated to old friends that you can see in the mind's eye as if it were yesterday.

This image above could be anyone of the girls from Wawecus Road School on any hot summer day, riding their bikes to Kendrick Pool or from Burncoat Street to Penny Parker's out in West Boylston. My childhood days were pretty awesome because of the friends I had and the school I went to. I hope my children feel that same way when they are in their 40's and that friend invites them to hang out. So, Laura Ann, it's also your birthday, I did not forget! So happy birthday to you and thank you for the wild and incredible memories of our childhood. I don't know how our parent's did it.

xo to you little lady and I hope to see you on Sunday!


Be Daring...

“Be daring,
be different,
be impractical,
be anything that will assert integrity
of purpose and imaginative vision
against the play-it-safers,
the creatures of the commonplace,
the slaves of the ordinary.”
- Cecil Beaton

Thank you Helen Beaumont for this bit today. I love it! These are words I live by, not because I really choose to. No, just because I can't help it. I try to surround myself with like-minds. My life is pretty fun that way.