Pecha Kucha Worcester #2

Pecha Kucha Worcester # 2 is coming fast upon us! This round will be held at 55 Pearl. I hear some tasty treats will be served to our guests! Come down, enjoy, get your inspiration on!

Pecha Kucha Worcester blog


Did you hear about the Woo and Wed?

Worcester Wedding Open Houses
A day of wedding bliss will be going on and
will be there!
All this excitement, the brainchild of Cathy Walsh from Sprout.
{I just love her and her creations, like this recent gem!}

...all the juicy details coming soon!
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Kate Moss/Hammam Fashion Hotness

{image of Kate Moss via WMagazine Hammam}
Watch this vid of the shoot at the Turkish bath, steamy!
At the Hammam Fashion: Wmagazine.com

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Haberdash Vintage Traveling Store

{image by Duncan Arsenault @ Tweed River Music Fest}

Amylynn Chase has to be one of the very cutests girls ever. Always smiling and dressed in her signature Punkystyle from head to toe, she is one of those people that just lights up a room. I have known her face from around town for as long as I can remember. She kind of stands out from the bunch, and since I have always had the peripheral view for personal style, she caught my eye. Lately, she's has been catching the eye of alot of others with her shiney silver vintage trailer called the "Haberdash" filled with treasures. I love the free-spirited gypsy wanderlust that the trailer exudes, with vintage flair that is truly Punkystyle. Congratulations, Amylynn.

If she is not Haberdashing at SOWA, on Chronicle, in the Globe, on twitter, you may find her hosting a clothing swap, a fast growing frenzy of both men and women of all ages who come to find treasures and swap unwanted clothing for new. Everyone loves the hunt, admit it. Punky has given them the hunting grounds and they are multiplying!!!

{image via punkystyle}


want them!
jane aldridge from sea of shoes wearing ann demeulemeester

Cirque is coming...

{image by ellen von unwerth}
worcester music blog posts @ cirque

I just want to thank all the sponsors once again for their support and enthusiasm for the '08 event, the first.

From the Cirque program:
Special appreciation to the staff at bocado for their “niche hospitality” • checkerboard for the fab programs and vip passes • sprout, who collaborated on our “creative black attire” and for the spectacular florals • the worcester art museum for the generous collection of prizes • cc lowell for donating art supplies • victor victoria salon for their generous donation • wave of tranquility for their generosity • vivian’s market for their support • fuzethe paula zawalich dance academy worcesterite.com for their support and exposure • the t&gworcester magazine • the worcester cultural coalition for their enthusiasm • and to all the artists and musicians who donated so very generously, especially andy milas (unbelievable) & esthema and erin mcfee.


Happy Saturday

{image via ffffound}

People are loving the hurricane swells on the east coast. Hmm, what's in their cooler?


What are you thinking?

{image via ffffound and don't touch my moleskin}


Dos Gardenias

{image via move to joy}
Dos Gardenias para tí
Con ellas quiero decir:
Te quiero, te adoro, mi vida
Ponle toda tu atención
Porque son tu corazón y el mío.

Dos gardenias para tí
Que tendrán todo el calor de un beso
De esos besos que te dí
Y que jamás encontrarás
En el calor de otro querer.
A tu lado vivirán y se hablarán

Como cuando estás conmigo
Y hasta creerás que te dirán:
Te quiero.
Pero si un atardecer
Las gardenias de mi amor se mueren
Es porque han adivinado
Que tu amor me ha traicionado
Porque existe otro querer.

In English:
Two Gardenias for you
With these I mean to say:
I love you, I adore you, my life
Look after them because
They are your heart and mine.

Two Gardenias for you
With all the warmth of a kiss
Like those I gave to you
Kisses that you will never know
In the embrace of another.

They will live beside you
And talk to you as I do
And you will even believe that you hear them say:
I love you.
But if one late evening
The Gardenias should die
It´s because they know
That you have betrayed me
And that you love another.

originally by

Isolina Carillo


Lennie Peterson on PKN Daily!

{lennie peterson via PKN Daily and PKN Worcester}

One of our Pecha Kucha Worcester #2 speakers, Lennie Peterson has been featured on PKN Daily! Quite an honor. Lennie's recent collaborative efforts with Kaki King evolved into Kaki King "The Exhibition", using the guitar she played recently in the David Letterman spotlight.

"He thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I put paint on the tips of my fingers and then played the song. He thought that everything I am doing was very choreographed and methodical, and wondered what it would look like — where my fingers would travel. That was really the start. " {from afterellen}

{kaki king via her afterellen}

The blue Ovation guitar, distictively caressed with pink paint while Kaki played "Pink Noise" was auctioned off to support VH1 Save the Music. Cindy Woerhle is also talking about it over on our Pecha Kucha Worcester Blog. This article from the "pressroom" on Lennie's site tells about the details of the collaboration.

Holy linkage! I will stop now. Pretty excited I am though... to hear him speak at the next PKN Worcester. If you were there, click the link for a great slide show of the event at Bocado, or click here for the Pecha Kucha Worcester flickr group.


Worcester Volume #2
55 Pearl
13 September 2009
START 19:20
(ok, a little Rodrigo y Gabriela is in order, since I do not posses Kaki King yet. Later Gators)


{image of Phil Terry of Reading Odyssey via Slow Art Boston}

Hello Everyone, I got so excited about the Slow Art event in Boston that Payal Kripalani is organizing for Reading Odyssey that I decided to host one here locally at the Worcester Art Museum! We have an unbelievable collection right here in town, so let's round up some arty/curious/fun friends and see some art at WAM on October 17th! Feel free to forward this link to others, in my effort to spread the word. Your help would be wonderful!

I know some of you are masters of getting the word out, like Cathy Walsh at Sprout, Claudia Snell at I'm From Worcester, and Amylynn Chase from Punkystyle, and the oh-so networked guy Duncan Arsenault of Worcesterite and about 100 other connected places. {Four very cool Worcesterites that I hope will be joining!}

For those of you who live afar, you can host one at your local museum. It's very easy and you will be a part of a international movement all happening on the 17th of October. Email me or Phil Terry of Reading Odyssey if you are interested. Contact info available on each link.

Here the lowdown:
Slow Art Worcester
October 17, 2009
Worcester Art Museum
55 Salisbury Street Worcester, MA
10:30AM - 12:30PM Art Viewing,
1:00PM -2:00PM Lunch The Museum Cafe

Organizer: Michelle May
Host/Founder: Reading Odyssey

From their site:

This live event is designed to help participants see art in a new way - to exercise their seeing, thinking and listening muscles.

We suggest that participants look at pieces of art for between 10 minutes and 60 minutes each (viewer's choice). Slow looking like this can transform the experience of viewing art. The typical visitor is often rushed through blockbuster exhibits and can feel intimidated or unwelcome. Certainly, such a person misses the wonder of looking at one painting or sculpture or other work for 10 minutes or more. Yet, it's hard in words to describe what it can be like to look slowly and experience whole new ways of seeing open up.

Slow art was started by novices to invite other novices (and experts) to come, to feel welcome, to not worry about what experts say but rather to take the time themselves to see and discover what is possible when slowly viewing art.

Hosted by the nonprofit Reading Odyssey, Slow Art is one of our many free programs aimed at helping adults break through the barriers that stop them from learning like children learn - with an openness and excitement guided by curiosity.

Fee: You pay the museum admission yourself day of the event and also pay for your own lunch.

Remember to REGISTER on eventbright for Slow Art Worcester. It's free and will give us your contact info, so we can forward you the top secret art pieces and the rest of the master plan!
{HUGE thanks to Claudia from I'm From Worcester and Cathy Walsh from Sprout for your support. Things don't happen without people like you!}



the african tulip of rainforest at el yunque

Yagrumo Hembra leaf

{making a "wish"}

A friend who is far away
is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand.
Is not the mountain far more awe-inspiring
and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley
than to those who inhabit the mountain?
Kahlil Gibran


Come over to my tree top hide away

Sit with me, stay a while, have a sip of something yummy and cold. Listen to the birds, read a book or have a party, this deck is rocking and beckoning a ruckus of friends or simply solitude! Hit AT's link for more views.

Slow Art at the MFA

Saturday, October 17, 2009
Slow Art at The Museum of Fine Arts
465 Huntington Avenue
10:30AM - 12:30PM - art viewing,
1:00PM -2:30PM Lunch in The Galleria
Boston organizer: Payal Kripalani
Hosted by Reading Odyssey

From Slow Art, eventbrite:

Fee: You pay the museum admission yourself day of the event and also pay for your own lunch.
This live event is designed to help participants see art in a new way - to exercise their seeing, thinking and listening muscles.
We ask participants in slow art to look at pieces of art for between 10 minutes and 60 minutes each (viewer's choice). Note: the average museum visitors looks at a piece of art for no more than 8 seconds (many for less!).

Stay tuned for artwork suggestions e-mailed to your inbox.
Hosted by the nonprofit Reading Odyssey, slow art is the art world's equivalent of "slow food."
How does it work?
1. You register at the link above (so we can send you further instructions and confirm the size of our lunch)
2. You arrive at 10:30 on October 17, pay your admission and then go look at two or more art pieces for 10+ minutes each. Note: we'll send you some suggestions ahead of time for pieces to look at - and recommend that first-time attendees spend 10-15 minutes with each work of art.
3. That's it - you arrive, pay your museum admission price, look at art slowly and then join us for lunch.
4. Oh, and come dressed distinctively.
5. Spread the word.

For more info on the:
-Slow Art event/founder Phil Terry or Reading Odyssey, visit here,
-the MFA
- slow art on FB

with suggested date and museum TO HOST in your city!
(easy peasy)


Riddhika Jesrani Jewelry

Riddhika Jesrani's fiery and fun spirit shines through in all of her one of a kind designs. She and the baubles are getting worldwide attention. Born in India, now living in NYC by way of Muscat, her designs are edgy and show so much personal style with a fusion of East meets West. Oh, how I love that! Check out her site and the buzz!

About a year ago, I met Riddhika at a friend's wedding and she was sporting the most amazing piece. Not only was it a beautiful necklace, but the asymmetry made you curious about the whole piece. The origins of the stones and the inspiration behind each is unique. Riddhika uses rare flea market and vintage finds to create fun and vibrant showpieces.



{jose parla via ffffound, this piece called "Marked by Inkstains"}

I am in love with his work. Check out his website with a name click. A graffiti artist with a sense of depth and light that just pulls you in. This video is featured on his site and originated on youtube and picked up by cool hunting. I want this piece!

{will barras via ffffound}


Falmouth Road Race

{Franklin Crew taken by unknown Franklinite or some friendly bystander? Lifted from Andreea Water's FB}

Images from this weekend during the 37th Annual
Falmouth Road Race, with historical contenders runners like Joan Benoit Samuelson and Bill Rodgers among the 8,950 runners crossed the finish line. The Ethiopians swept in both men/women's wins. Check out the website for more on this historical and inspirational race.

Congrats Franklinites for a good race and some Bristol Beach fun!


Burning Sky

Evening sunset in salisbury md last week.
You could feel it in your belly.

The will to win

the desire to succeed,

the urge to reach your full potential...

these are the keys

that will unlock

the door to

personal excellence.



Reese's Crispy Crunchy!!

{via flickr}

You will thank me forever. Try one today.


Back in Action


{images from Falmouth MA}

A little weekend at Cape Cod before heading off to ASA Nationals in MD, where the heat was unbelievable. The girls worked hard and had a lot of fun competing against some serious players. Inspiration came moment to moment in every game. To sit back and see the life lessons being put forth in the "softball" interpretation is pretty interesting. The girls have constant situational experiences on every play and in every inning, facing each other, themselves and their coaches. So proud of the girls!

{images: having fun with our game 1 opponent NJ Mystics during a rain delay, Elle scoring against the Ohio Dragons, Elle throwing, and the Danger Dugout}
{For many more images click on the flickr set to the right.}