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{lennie peterson via PKN Daily and PKN Worcester}

One of our Pecha Kucha Worcester #2 speakers, Lennie Peterson has been featured on PKN Daily! Quite an honor. Lennie's recent collaborative efforts with Kaki King evolved into Kaki King "The Exhibition", using the guitar she played recently in the David Letterman spotlight.

"He thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I put paint on the tips of my fingers and then played the song. He thought that everything I am doing was very choreographed and methodical, and wondered what it would look like — where my fingers would travel. That was really the start. " {from afterellen}

{kaki king via her afterellen}

The blue Ovation guitar, distictively caressed with pink paint while Kaki played "Pink Noise" was auctioned off to support VH1 Save the Music. Cindy Woerhle is also talking about it over on our Pecha Kucha Worcester Blog. This article from the "pressroom" on Lennie's site tells about the details of the collaboration.

Holy linkage! I will stop now. Pretty excited I am though... to hear him speak at the next PKN Worcester. If you were there, click the link for a great slide show of the event at Bocado, or click here for the Pecha Kucha Worcester flickr group.


Worcester Volume #2
55 Pearl
13 September 2009
START 19:20
(ok, a little Rodrigo y Gabriela is in order, since I do not posses Kaki King yet. Later Gators)

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