Haberdash Vintage Traveling Store

{image by Duncan Arsenault @ Tweed River Music Fest}

Amylynn Chase has to be one of the very cutests girls ever. Always smiling and dressed in her signature Punkystyle from head to toe, she is one of those people that just lights up a room. I have known her face from around town for as long as I can remember. She kind of stands out from the bunch, and since I have always had the peripheral view for personal style, she caught my eye. Lately, she's has been catching the eye of alot of others with her shiney silver vintage trailer called the "Haberdash" filled with treasures. I love the free-spirited gypsy wanderlust that the trailer exudes, with vintage flair that is truly Punkystyle. Congratulations, Amylynn.

If she is not Haberdashing at SOWA, on Chronicle, in the Globe, on twitter, you may find her hosting a clothing swap, a fast growing frenzy of both men and women of all ages who come to find treasures and swap unwanted clothing for new. Everyone loves the hunt, admit it. Punky has given them the hunting grounds and they are multiplying!!!

{image via punkystyle}

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Punky said...

The hab looks adorable on your site...maybe it's the contrast. Too cute.
See you soon!