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Hello Everyone, I got so excited about the Slow Art event in Boston that Payal Kripalani is organizing for Reading Odyssey that I decided to host one here locally at the Worcester Art Museum! We have an unbelievable collection right here in town, so let's round up some arty/curious/fun friends and see some art at WAM on October 17th! Feel free to forward this link to others, in my effort to spread the word. Your help would be wonderful!

I know some of you are masters of getting the word out, like Cathy Walsh at Sprout, Claudia Snell at I'm From Worcester, and Amylynn Chase from Punkystyle, and the oh-so networked guy Duncan Arsenault of Worcesterite and about 100 other connected places. {Four very cool Worcesterites that I hope will be joining!}

For those of you who live afar, you can host one at your local museum. It's very easy and you will be a part of a international movement all happening on the 17th of October. Email me or Phil Terry of Reading Odyssey if you are interested. Contact info available on each link.

Here the lowdown:
Slow Art Worcester
October 17, 2009
Worcester Art Museum
55 Salisbury Street Worcester, MA
10:30AM - 12:30PM Art Viewing,
1:00PM -2:00PM Lunch The Museum Cafe

Organizer: Michelle May
Host/Founder: Reading Odyssey

From their site:

This live event is designed to help participants see art in a new way - to exercise their seeing, thinking and listening muscles.

We suggest that participants look at pieces of art for between 10 minutes and 60 minutes each (viewer's choice). Slow looking like this can transform the experience of viewing art. The typical visitor is often rushed through blockbuster exhibits and can feel intimidated or unwelcome. Certainly, such a person misses the wonder of looking at one painting or sculpture or other work for 10 minutes or more. Yet, it's hard in words to describe what it can be like to look slowly and experience whole new ways of seeing open up.

Slow art was started by novices to invite other novices (and experts) to come, to feel welcome, to not worry about what experts say but rather to take the time themselves to see and discover what is possible when slowly viewing art.

Hosted by the nonprofit Reading Odyssey, Slow Art is one of our many free programs aimed at helping adults break through the barriers that stop them from learning like children learn - with an openness and excitement guided by curiosity.

Fee: You pay the museum admission yourself day of the event and also pay for your own lunch.

Remember to REGISTER on eventbright for Slow Art Worcester. It's free and will give us your contact info, so we can forward you the top secret art pieces and the rest of the master plan!
{HUGE thanks to Claudia from I'm From Worcester and Cathy Walsh from Sprout for your support. Things don't happen without people like you!}

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