Cirque is coming...

{image by ellen von unwerth}
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I just want to thank all the sponsors once again for their support and enthusiasm for the '08 event, the first.

From the Cirque program:
Special appreciation to the staff at bocado for their “niche hospitality” • checkerboard for the fab programs and vip passes • sprout, who collaborated on our “creative black attire” and for the spectacular florals • the worcester art museum for the generous collection of prizes • cc lowell for donating art supplies • victor victoria salon for their generous donation • wave of tranquility for their generosity • vivian’s market for their support • fuzethe paula zawalich dance academy worcesterite.com for their support and exposure • the t&gworcester magazine • the worcester cultural coalition for their enthusiasm • and to all the artists and musicians who donated so very generously, especially andy milas (unbelievable) & esthema and erin mcfee.

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