The Art of Antonio Fonseca

{top: image of antonio fonseca from the 20 artists of worcester, photo by scott erb,
bottom: fusion practice image, snapshot by me}

Award winning artist, Antonio Fonseca will be part of the live art fusion at Cirque Du Noir this coming Sunday. I am personally very excited to have Antonio in the mix. After last night's fusion practice and watching him work with sumi-e ink, I am so excited to see what will happen on Sunday!

The Art of John Pascarelli

{images provided by john pascarelli}

John Pascarelli has donated two prints "They Feed Us Poison" and "Blue Horse" to the silent auction for Cirque Du Noir, coming up this Sunday at 7 at The Citizen in Worcester. Proceeds will benefit the Worcester County Food Bank. John is an amazing self taught artist, living in Worcester and we are so pleased to have him on board this year.

John Pascarelli has shown in group shows in Rockport, Shrewsbury and Worcester. Please visit johnpascarelli.com to see more of his work.


Tatiana Plakhova, Floral Concepts shared...

{floral concepts by tatiana plakhova via behance}

a magical world of line drawings and organic colors.
click for the full experience.


A Halloween Celebration for the WCFB

{some of the art auction 2009}

{an incredible piece donated by laura niemi young}

{guests sergio grenados and lisa crislip chatting, the thiffaults in the background}
btw, these above images by me, not the talent you see below...

{costume prize time, john comeau as edward scizzorhands,
tim burton would have been proud}

{everyone watching scott boilard during the art fusion}

{guests admiring the Sprout candy table}

A great time out in Worcester to support The Worcester County Food Bank.

all images from Cirque Du Noir in this post are
courtesy of Mr. Louis Despres

Derek Ring caught red handed...

The surprize candy table from Sprout was under siege last year. Guests loved it. This guest, Derek Ring was caught red handed by photographer Louis Despres.


Esthema and Goli: Cirque Du Noir 2010

{images provided by esthema}

Music is so important to me, a love instilled by my family from the first time I can remember. Meaningful events are also shaped and created by music, an auditory experience. Live music, even better, a visual experience. This year for Cirque Du Noir, we are lucky enough to have the Esthema World Fusion Trio back with us. Lucky, because they have been very busy. I am personally very excited to have these amazing guys back with us for a third year. We will miss Bruno and Ignatio this year, but look forward to Andy, Tery and Onur as the Esthema Trio lighting up the noir of the evening. I can't wait to hear them!

Check out their schedule and definately catch them in Boston. Their emotional and
heartfelt music transports you. Esthema's sound and unique style will take them to amazing places. Funny, since they are from all over the globe, meet them for yourself. They are a great fit for the event, with so many European guests at Cirque.

Working with them is nothing short of amazing. Andy Milas, the founder of Esthema is one of the most incredible human beings I have had the pleasure of knowing. No joke. He has been an integral part of not only sharing the music, listening to
what we needed, and his insight and his experience made me feel confident as the director of this whole event. As a newbie in this arena, Andy has been a great resource for me to turn to. So, thank you Mr. Milas and Esthema for giving Cirque Du Noir and the Worcester community oh so many gifts! You have created a lot of great karma.

Since the release of
the Hereness and Nowness of Things, Esthema has been nominated for the Top 25 Award and their composition Eastern Dance hit number 4 on the Instrumental Charts at Indie-Music.com. Esthema is also currently on rotation on radio programs and stations across the United States and in Europe. On September 15 the International Association of Independent Recording Artists (IAIRA) certified Esthema’s Eastern Dance as an International ‘Top 10’. (via esthema.com) Congratulations Esthema!

{image by karen clunes via golimusic.com}

Joining Esthema on the 24th of October, through the tall black iron gates and in the dark recesses of The Citizen and Speakeasy, will be Goli also from Boston. Vessela Stoyanova and Valerie Thompson two lovely ladies playing "chamber music for the modern era", while madly in love with tango, Bartok, and goat cheese". Perfect for the location. Bring on the cheese and chocolate! When they are not playing for the Worcester community at Cirque Du Noir, you can also find them hanging out in Boston and NYC, see where here. Vessela just got back from Bulgaria. We could have hung out at Vama Veche on the border of Romania to discuss our collaboration, but Worcester/Boston will have to due! Although there will be no rikia, I may be able to get my hands on some palinka. Thank you girls for being a part of this art and music event, and for helping us give back to the community while enjoying all this music!

Ooh, and the ART...next post! Look forward to Scott Boilard, Aaron White, Jeff Gemma of Secret Society Tattoo, Emily Quillen, and Antonio Fonseca.

Tickets are now available online, here.