The Art of the Latte

{image of latte in melbourne via apixelforbreakfast.com by silvia susen}

Gracia Festival :: Barcelona

{image via visit-bcn}

In a search for creative and festive holiday decorations, I came across this image of a street festival in Barcelona, called Gracia Festival, which takes place in August. Even the recepticals are festive! {If you are ever in Barca in November, and missing American turkey on the 25th, you can find some Thanksgiving festivities happening, here.}


Zentangle: Sharing some Zen

{images of simple zentangles OR inspired art like this by annika sylte via the zentangle blog}

Zentangle, to me means the art of repetitive pattern and self exploration (my words). Everytime I sit to do one, I have a great experience with myself! Zentangle was developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is now making waves all over the world. For good reason, their presentation and personal connection with pen and paper, understanding the principals of meditation and relaxation, and their great knowledge of art, nature and architecture bring new patterns continuously. The simplicity is amazing. They teach you how to break down each one, so simply. Even the novice and the curious can sit for 15 minutes and emerge with a beautiful piece of art!

This post by Annika Sylte caught my eye on the Zentangle blog recently. She has taken her realistic art and intertwined the familiar patterns taught with Zentangle.
You may see these patterns everywhere you go, once you start noticing them, it's kind of amazing ALL the details you start to see. Look at the facade of the buildings you pass, the details in old woodwork, the carved frames in your house, the honeycomb of a bee, the bark of a tree...the list goes on. Traveling is incredible once you start noticing all the old world motifs that you don't see in this "new" land we live in. Patterns and motifs have been around for centuries, Zentangle reminds us of our surroundings, and the beautiful things we are lucky enough to notice.

Misty Romanian Morning

{images from romania 2010: crucea eroilor on carpathian mountains, a roadside fern}


Cirque Du Noir 2010

Angela Cannistraro and Michelle May (me) at Cirque Du Noir. Angela's costume was amazing!

Haider Ackermann

haider ackermann
Originally uploaded by f&art
Maybe I can Cirque Du Noir right through the year. Loving this layered combination of weights and textures by Haider Ackermann.


Black Magic in Worcester

{Cirque Du Noir programs donated by checkerboard, image by andreea waters}

{fun vip name tags donated by checkerboard, image by louie despres}

{a beautiful capture of helen sheldon beaumont by louie despres}

{watching the live art fusion by louie despres}

{cirque du noir guests and participating artists, rocking the noir, susurrus din, helen sheldon beaumont, j fatima martins, jeff gemma, antonio fonseca, guybrush threepwood, and thomas caywood.
timed image by thomas caywood.

Final result are almost complete. There are still a few auction items that are being wrapped up. The evening was so incredible, thanks to all of you Worcester people with serious party pants. There were so many new faces in the darkness, on a Sunday! Many of you asked about the Sunday night arrangement. We are doing everything we can to make Cirque happen on a Saturday next year. It will still be a week before Halloween, but hopefully we can fulfill your request to make it happen on a Saturday!

Thank you to all who came, you looked incredible. Thank you to all the photographers, Amy DeMar, Louie Depres, Mike Hendrickson, Jim Collins, Donna Dufault,
and to those guests who shared their photos with all of us.

There are more Cirque Du Noir images via flickr. Please share your images in the group pool!

Shhh, there are some exciting plans in the works for Cirque Du Noir, so stay tuned...