Oh the Wondrous Places...

{iphone image of "oh the wonderous places" by dr. seuss and published and created by forrest-pruzan creative and icandothatgames.com}

Last holiday season, I made a purchase at Barnes and Noble of a set of Dr. Suess travel cards. A set of "51 1/2 beautiful cards" for my daughter who is 2. Well, everyone loves the good doctor, especially me. Amazed and surprised was I to open the package and find incredible adventures in store. Of all the amazing places in the world, like Petra and Machu Picchu, I did not expect to find Burning Man in the mix. The game was created by Forrest-Pruzan Creative and published under icandothatgames.com. Thank you folks for this inspiring game, in the very spirit of Dr. Suess. I will look for more games created by you!

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