Perfectionists: Davis Art Gallery

{wyatt wade of davis publishing and a strategic woman,
who i almost stepped on earlier in the evening}

{a closeup of the work of bryan davagian}

{taking in the work of bryan davagian}

{a guest discussing details with the artist, howard b. johnson jr.}

{the work of howard b. johnson, jr}

{the work of scott boilard, always a favorite}

{j. fatima martins and john dion discussing the show, a johnson work in the background}

{"rising up" is a signature piece by scott boilard, was my show favorite}

Historically Davis has been a catalyst worldwide for it's publication of art resources. Worcester is incredibly lucky to have a company like Davis, enriching students and teachers with art publications through text and online media. Their stretch is worldwide and they are nestled in downtown Worcester between the RMV and the Worcester Public Library. How appropriate is it that they open their doors to Worcester as they host several art exhibitions a year.

The Perfectionists opened on July 23, with a smashing success. The show features the work of three Worcester talents, Scott Boilard, Howard B. Johnson Jr. and Bryan Davagian. Each artist is quite different in their own right, but the pleasure of viewing each is all in the details. The show of about 40 pieces is showing at Davis Gallery on the third floor of the Printers Building on Portland Street.

If you would like to read and see more images, visit Worcester Mag for Doreen Manning's article and cool hipstamatic photos and here for J. Fatima Martin's, in depth curatorial take on the show.

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Art in the Park, hosted by Worcester Arts Council (with their snazzy new logo) is coming up too.

Worcester is rocking art all over the place. I love it!!!

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