Rediscovering Brasov

{the circular flusher makes a wonderland image in my favorite place in brasov, the all new festival 39, the initial inspiration for my blog...even better now! you must come visit brasov}

{images of brasov, romania 2010}

So much has changed in Brasov since my first trip in 2004, prior to Romania joining the EU. The economy has prospered so much, evident in all the new homes, cars and infrastructure. New more efficient roads have been built, diverting most commercial traffic outside the downtown area and keeping the city free of congestion and pollution. Emissions are way down and the mountain air is clear and fresh, and free of litter, which used to be a huge problem. The town itself is popular among tourist groups. Just sitting at the plaza, you see so many who travel the three hours on small roads from Bucharest to see the town once known as Kronstadt, when occupied and built by the Germans. This medieval town is filled with elements of it's former self, most reflected in the city's coat of arms, Brasov is also known as the "crown city", populated now by a large amount of Moldovians as well.

Being from the States, you do not see old buildings like you do in Europe. I think this is the most evident thing I feel when I am here. The history is all over. Walking around town and seeing history reminds me how young our United States are. I feel overwhelmed when I see the dates on buildings and stop to think of the people that would have built them with their hands, much like I do walking in the woods near my home in Worcester, MA when I see old stone walls separating land.

Today we are off to Bran to take our little one to see Bran Castle. A very touristy place to go, but it's close and she is into princesses these days. Little does she know what Bran represents for the world, thanks to Bram Stoker. I am wondering if all the hoopla with the vampire shows in the US have casued an influx of sightseers to Transylvania. We will go from there to Transfagarasan, a long mountain road that leads up to a lake.

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