Getting in the Mood

{image of lacroix via coilhouse mag}
A little noir inspiration with more to come. Everyone is asking about the "black attire". For those who need a little push, and for those who can go the distance...I will be posting fun images for your interpretations! I have my eye on a few designers that could cause a stir, so stay tuned! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Last year there were some incredible costumes...like Scott Boilard. Scott ate chicken for a week and saved 'dem bones to create his magnificent and pretty scary "Gentlemen of the Catacombs" should I call him? Then you have Mike Donofrio, who rocked the Paul Stanley to the core.

Take the "creative black" and run...or simply wear your favorite black jacket and pants. I did see a tweed blazer that snuck in...I just don't know how, we had two savagely handsome men working the door that must have slipped, or it was our good friend, Laura Niemi's dad. Our doormen have a keen eye and are beyond forgiveness. With a name like Vlad and being from Transylvania, you never know when the spirit will come upon him. Be prepared to be harassed and staked if you show up in tweed this year, unless of course you are someones dad. Vlad, forgive me for using the "impaler" card, but it is so perfectly appropriate. {Romanians do not like the kitchy nature of all the "D" word attention, unless of course they own Bran Castle or sell trinkets to the unknowing tourists. I don't blame them}.

I have to say, I did visit Bran, but to see the nostalgia and to experience it for my kids who would have asked me why I did not go. Bran Castle is beautiful and sits atop a beautiful countryside. The doors of the castle were my favorite, intricately carved, but rather short. The long skinny hallway was also a favorite, as well as the courtyard and the many balconies with incredible views.

{bran castle, romania}


Anonymous said...

Halloween in Transylvannia! Forget Salem; this wouldbe the best. awesome photos!

Scott Boilard said...

Halloween in Transylvania would be the the best - awesome photos!

Michelle May said...

I don't know, Halloween is so New England. I remember on ET when they were trick or treating...those kids miss out. Salem...no where else to be on All Hallows Eve. The weekend is so festive and fun. Looking forward to a house warming/Halloween celebration in Salem this year.