kai and gipsy hits the racks!

{image via kai and gipsy.com}
Dance to the rhythm of your life...

Designed by kai and gipsy, the inspiration of Andreea Waters of Franklin, MA, by way of Bucharest with a slight detour through Worcester and on tangents, NYC, SF and anywhere else that has the energy that drives her creative spirit. The tees are designed to be "everyday wear with a sexy, comfortable and urban look". Great lines, colorful graphics and ultimate quality garments make each piece a must have. "Perfect for a walk in the city, lounging at your favorite spot, dancing, sitting by the fire..."

As long as i have known Andreea, she has danced to her own drum. This line of tees and the expressive message, inspired by dreamers, doers and a spirits that always express their personal style. She is the one who stands out in the crowd, she just may be you. This is the message on each piece. Read the tag, remember the message and bring it!

What sets them apart are the graphics, the art and eye. Each piece was photographed by Andreea and processed painstakingly to give you the incredible imagery and vibrant colors with street appeal. Each graphic has meaning and a story to tell, like this (above) African tulip found on the floor of rain forest at El Yunque in Puerto Rico. I can't wait for more.

{kai & gipsy @ pretty is pink / franklin, ma}

If you have been reading Festival posts all along, you may have read about the PR adventure. THIS is what comes of dreams, adventure and doing whatever it is in life you always wanted to do. "Making it happen" is so underrated. This is the essence of life. This is what the work is for. I really admire the ones that are out there making it happen.

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