Art Fusion of Cirque du Noir

In October 2008, we held the first annual Cirque du Noir, an (all black creative attire-yum) fundraiser for the WCFB. Bocado was filled with generous guests and the Art Fusion was the hottest part of the night. Six artists, including Scott Boilard, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, Laura Niemi, Susan Donofrio and Scott Holloway, collaborated in a few rounds to complete these works in less than an hour. Watching an artist at work is something rare for most, and the intimacy, the magic, and the music just spilled over.
Recently these four (of the six) auctioned pieces came back together to be photographed by Amy Demar. I am so happy to have these images available. Wander through them! Look for our announcement of the next event...you don't want to miss it.
Ocotber 25th, 2009 at Bocado will be the next Cirque Du Noir!

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