Andreea Waters

This photographic spotlight is on Andreea Waters of Franklin, Massachusetts. From her images of adventures in Puerto Rico, you can see that her unique perspective and interesting capture of moments in time speak volumes. Andreea has an eye for composition and an attraction to color and texture, which always leave me wanting to see more. Her world travels and love of the outdoors have given her plenty of opportunity over the years to form quite an inventory of spectacular shots.

I wish I could inspire her just a little to show her work to us all. When, Andreea will you share with us? Is 2009 the year?

Perhaps one more trip, a treetop adventure and wild blue water can give you the inspiration you need. I dare you!


dreea said...

I dare you to say yes to our tree top adventure...a few days of endless inspiration...The colors, the wild blue water and the taste of the Mexican paraiso. Vamos chica!

Claudia Snell said...

Beautiful photos! Thank you for posting those.
And yes.... when can we see more?