Rain, Rain Go Away

First we had devastating ice storms, then snow storms, now it's been raining since before Christmas and town is just looking less than pretty. All the debris from the ice storms are piled everywhere, and trees are showing the scars of the New England weather.

I miss traveling, sunshine and adventure. Does anyone else?

It's Sunday, so we just hung in and got the house back together. Relax was the word of the day. Listening to the new Jesse Cooke from my good friend Andreea, set a cool vibe in the house. You've got to love his version of "It Aint Me" by Bob Dylan. Today, we are thinking about our summer trip to Brasov, Romania, where our family is celebrating from Christmas, "Craciun" to New Year's, the "Bacchanalia". Like we all should, they vacation from beginning to end... eat, drink and see friends.

For those interested in seeing Brasov for free from the comfort of your own home we just found this cool site...a 360 degree view...so realistic, is worth checking out on VR Brasov 360.

***Oh, by the way, I have to comment on the "tack"...the Brasov sign up on Tampa. I thought it was a little Hollywood/Bollywood/wierdness before I saw it in it's full form. In context it's not so bad. From the main road, the only way you can really tell you enter a new town is seeing it on the hills. Rasnov has one too. It works and encourages travelers to come through town, instead of passing it by. Rasnov, the next town over, is where Cold Mountain was filmed for the release in 2003. These photos of the Bucegi Mountains (in the Carpathians) by Lorin Niculae say it all.

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