Sweet Paul, who I just can't get enough of...did this for the Wine Spectator Magazine's Christmas card...find the recipe for this holiday temptation at his blog.

Gilligan preferred the modest farm girl, Maryann, but the smoking red head had eyes for the professor. Ginger was the hotty on the island, and will be at my house this evening. The featured cocktails will be mixed with elixirs of Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur and
St. Germain elderberry liqueur. Both are finely crafted in France and were purchased at KJ Baaron's in Worcester (at Washington Square/Union Station). They are hard to find around town, but we found St. Germain served up at the Nick's and the Armsby Abbey, who has a wide array of fine crafted treats to tempt your taste buds, including these two.

Enjoy the holidays, your time with your family, and every bit of the magic of the season.

If I only knew where I could score an ipod touch, life would be grand!
Next year the deadline is December 1 for all Christmas choices!

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