Armsby Abbey

We ventured into Armsby Abbey last night. WoooHoo. We found another great place to hang out in Worcester! Craft Beer, Artisanal Faire and Righteous Cocktails...we tried the beer and the cocktails and are going back soon for the faire. Let me say that Alec and Sherry have their bases covered. Alot of renovation and handcrafted elements makes this place a gem, like the solid mohogany bar and the metalwork detailing, including a handmade tap with oh, I would say 20-30 handcrafted beers available. There is no mass produced alcohol served. Only a strict list of handcrafted liquors and beers.

Attention to the details...the tastefully layed out menus, the edgy inventive cocktails, the vow to serve only the finest beers and liquors make the Abbey a place I will go back to. I tried the "Midsummer Night", they describe as " An Ethereal Potion of St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Hendricks Gin and Vya dry Vermouth" garnished with a cucumber slice. It was a little sip of heaven. Lucky me, I sat down next to Alec, the owner who filled me in on the details. Mentioning a fine ginger liqueur, he immediately called Erica to pour me a taste. The Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur warmed my belly and filled my senses with amazingly deep rich ginger. The pride he had in his choices here were so apparent and with good reason...they have a great niche here in Worcester, pulling in a really cool, eclectic clientele.
Opening just 4 months ago, a second venture for the proprietor, who also owns The Dive Bar. Plans to open a bakery next door to the Abbey called "Crust" are in the works. The bakery will be headed up by Sarah Brueck, who does all the bread baking and pastry for them.

Stop in and see Sherry and Erica, who were serving some for some "Righteous Holiday Cocktails", filled with spirit and spice, creatively named and elegantly described, like the Mistletojito, Ice Queen, or the Peruvian Angel.

The Armsby Abbey is located at 144 Main Street, right near the old courthouse.

On Wednesday, December 10th they are tapping some of the most coveted Belgian Christmas Ales, including Scaldis Noel, Delirium Noel, 2006 St. Feuillen Noel, Corsendonk Christmas Ale, Gouden Carolus Noel and St. Bernardus Christmas.

Off to Union Station for stART at the Station (also run by Sarah Brueck, btw)............a great weekend in Worcester.

Images: Euro style facade of Armsby Abbey, Erica and Sherry mixing elixirs, and a Belgian Sampler paddle.

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