First off, the creative genious is Dominik Fusina, AKA Paul Ladroid and it goes on from there. This fun software has realistic sounds and lets you do 10 per session, just like the real polaroid.

Create high res pics (400dpi) from your digitals that look like polaroids, complete with the borders that allow you to write on them. This free software transforms your specs to polaroid-like colors too.

Available right now for mac, but pc is coming soon. (Poor pc gets it from every creative angle.) There have been over 350,000 downloads!
Yeah, and since I'm a pc, I will be waiting. So that means 350,000 more downloads?

. Visit for fun times...cool for xmas images. Oh, and the flickr fun has begun!

EZ PZ...
1. Add App
: download
2. Drag and drop

3. Wait, like you do a polaroid!

If anyone tries it please let me know! sh- sh-shake it shake it...had to.

image via dominikphoto via flickr.

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