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...if you have never heard these guys play. I first heard Esthema at the stART on the street performance this September. I would soon be planning a fundraiser, with no budget whatsoever. Well, I kept wishing they would play Worcester again, so I made a note to self not to forget them. In the meantime, Cirque du Noir was taking shape, after only a couple weeks of planning. I needed really specific entertainment. With this being my first ever event, it had to be good! My exact vision was in mind. Without a dime for entertainment expenses, I reluctantly contacted Andy Milas. I am so glad I did. They donated their time and would not accept my offer to pay their expenses for the evening. Making the trip in from Boston, their sound was exactly what created the atmosphere at my event that I envisioned.

We went back and forth about a few logistics, like who could be available on such short notice and what kind of music would work for the event. Andy went above and beyond...staying in touch with me even while on vacation with his wife in Greece! He was absolutely amazing. I was difficult about the exact music and I probably drove him nuts. He was the sweetest and most courteous guy ever.

When Onur, Tery and Andy took the stage, I could not have been more pleased. Not only are they all drop dead handsome and sweet as ever, they are fabulous world class musicians. Check out their bios! Amazing, melodic and ethereal... and had our guest dancing in minutes. They made me look like I really knew what I was doing! People asked me who they were how I found them and it did not stop that night. They impressed a lot of people. I was so incredibly floored by their generous gift. We raised almost 4000 dollars for the Worcester County Food Bank that evening.

Esthema's entire CD, Apart from the Rest is amazing. It's every bit a sophisticated fusion of world sounds that I just live for.

from their site:
Esthema's A P A R T FROM THE REST Voted Top 25 on Indie-Music.com Back in April Esthema submitted our CD, A P A R T FROM THE REST to Indie-Music.com for a review. We received an amazing review from our reviewer Jamie Anderson (Thanks Jamie!!!)...some of the highlights of the review read "It’s a perfect combination of Middle Eastern/East European folk music and American jazz, like an amped-up Loreena McKennitt without vocals." "...with excellent musicianship, they smoothly turn out originals centered around the beautiful melodies..."

You can read the full review at Indie-Music.com. Back to December...anyways, one morning we got an email that says we were EDITOR'S CHOICE FOR TOP 25 CD's of 2008. Check out what they had to say: "This disc features a sharp blend of Middle Eastern and Eastern European melodies with American jazz, played on oud, bouzouki, violin, bass, drums and more. Some cuts make me want to order a few beers and dance; others, sit still and nod my head, a martini in front of me. I love that there's a very in-the-moment feel with some songs, like a good jazz jam. I'll bet Coltrane and Parker would have loved this release." We really can't ask for more than that...the CD, which can be purchsed on CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, IndieRhythm, Digstation, Walmart, etc...has been selling both domestically and internationally and accolades like this make it feel that much more real...

A second release, The Hereness and Nowness of Things, is due out this spring. I will be one of the first to buy it. I am forever greatful to these guys for their unwavering generosity and support. I highly recommend their music to all who enjoy music. There is something in their sound for everyone.

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