Michèle M. Waite Photography

{images via michèle m. waite photography}

Recently, I have had the pleasure to work with some very talented wedding pros, one being Michèle M. Waite, photographer, mother, wife, and oh so creative. As long as I have been trolling wedding blogs, her images stayed with me. I can't imagine what that means to the couples that share their day with her. What a gift being a part of so many life changing events in people's lives. I know that creating invites gives me a pretty incredible feeling. Knowing we can create a lasting memory for people is pretty extreme. When I see our invitations on press, I am compelled to go take a peek to see the names and the place the wedding will be. Our clients are our dealers, so we never really get to meet the couples choosing our designs. I am lucky that I am a designer and also a dealer, so I can share a little of both worlds. I wish I could meet every couple really and say thank you!

Working with Michèle over the past couple of weeks has been amazing. I presented her with a crazy idea about changing the way our clients shopped and were inspired as they chose invitations. I started thinking that it is very romantic to plan all of the elements of such an incredible day. I wanted to give couples something exciting...imagery, that would get all of their ideas flowing. For this project, Michèle's photos were what inspired me really...looking at them, I thought how incredible it would be to share her creativity to enhance the experience of our customers and make it easier to plan. There are creative people that thrive on imagery and there are the people that gain so much insight as they use inspirational compilations as a tool.

Look at the 3 images above! I was so excited to share her photgraphs in our industry of paper, to inspire and guide. Wedding blogs and magazines are filled with imagery. I don't think there is a time in your life when you look for inspiration as much as when you are planning your wedding. Every detail is special. Michèle's work made my project rock! I cannot wait for our client to see it.

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