two of my zentangles

In two days I will be heading to a Zentangle certification seminar in Whitinsville, hosted by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. The trend has been spreading around the globe and I am sure the seminar will be packed with cool and interesting people. I can't wait. If you google "zentangle" you would be amazed at the spread of this "culture" from blogs to flickr to yahoo groups.

Recently Rick and Maria at Zentangle were asked to collaborate with The National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) for a very unique project. The coalition awards Medals of Honor to recognize special people who have had a lasting impact on their own communities, our nation, and our world. Each medal winner was asked to do a Zentangle and the images were then represented on the poster.

"Leaders in art, science, law, national defense, education, philanthropy, industry, sports, medicine, and government drew these Zentangles. Who did which one? A U.S. Senator? An Olympic gold-medalist? A retired judge? Maybe a six-year-old daughter of a well-known philanthropist? The owner of a major sports team? Where is he from? What language does she speak? Without knowing, we can still appreciate this marvelous mosaic as we simultaneously honor each tile's individual and unique contribution."--from zentangle.com

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Rick and Maria on various stationery and invitation projects. They are two of the most dynamic and creative people I know, always full of creative energy and excitement. Visit their site and check out the exciting and relaxing movement that is Zentangle.

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