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Yesterday, an article was written in Science Daily about a study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology. Subjects who "doodle" had a 29% higher recall of things that were happening while drawing. (Other articles about the study in Wired, BBC News, Discover Magazine) "Doodling" is fine for some, but to fully enhance and increase retention even more...

Imagine if you did a Zentangle and fully committed yourself to the meditative state by learning more about the technique of mindfulness and endless possibilities?

One of the benefits listed at Zentangle.com:

Deliberate Focus

Just as you make a deliberate pen stroke on your Zentangle, that very act of putting your pen to paper focuses your attention in a way similar to meditation or being "in the zone." As your eye follows your pen strokes your attention shifts to a state that allows fresh thoughts, new perspectives, and creative insights to flow unhindered by anxiety or effort.

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If you are in the Central Massachusetts area and would like to learn more about
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