The A5 to OSJ


We found the "parada" (bus stop) a few step down the street from our hotel. A young guy there told us that although cheap, they we unreliable for schedule. He was right. It costs only 75 cents to take the A5 all the way to Old San Juan, but the trip can be a long one depending on how busy the bus is. He was right. He waited almost an hour. Us, about 20 minutes. In that time we met two girls backpacking from Estonia, not sure of where they were going or when, but knowing there next stop was the Dominican. Nice! The A5 was a local bus, I guess not to many tourists take this one, according to a conversation we overheard. When we were getting off, we asked a young woman sitting in front of us for directions and she escorted us to where we needed to be! I have to say everyone there was exceptionally friendly and everyone spoke perfect English. I never got to try any Spanish, with one exception.

My first reactions to Old San Juan:
1. It reminded me of Brasov. The architecture, the streets, the vibe, the beauty.
2. The cobblestones were blue. They were made from slag, the biproduct of the iron work from Spain in the 16th century.

We walked around the streets looking for a chicken dish Andreea had had on her last trip. Instead we wandered the streets snapping away, meeting and talking with everyone we came across.

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