Our adventure began...

From the minute we got off the plane and sat in the taxi, the driver kept repeating the word "beach" not once or twice, but over and over again...like he had heard us, knew us and confirmed to us, without question that we were on our way to the beach. As we checked in, Valerie at the front desk of The Beach House was so cute and offered to take our bags for us and gave us two free cocktail vouchers. We knew we picked the right place! As we sat at the open air bar on the beach in our jeans and Frye boots, the grey goose tasted so much better in the sunshine! Immediately we started snapping pictures of this beautiful place.

The bartender, Cristobal, was very nice and informative. We talked about maybe going off island for a day, and he recommended Culebra, where he was from. He even offered to call his mom and ask her what time the heavy traffic hours were.

The trip would have been worth it I'm sure. It's one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean. The island is the smallest Spanish Virgin Islands and is nineteen miles off the coast of Puerto Rico. A ferry would take you there for a few dollars. We only had 4 days and had to work in the other things we had planned.
Culebra is home to Flamenco Beach, voted one of the best in the world. I would visit just for the name itself. For now, our minds were set on changing and heading into Old San Juan.

Maybe one more goose for the road? So we sat and met a few more people. Peter from New Jersey, who quit his broker job and moved to PR to get away from the bullshit. He wore a big grin and was clearly happy to be working at the hotel. We finished our island welcome drinks and headed up to our cute room with a step down bathroom (the size of a bedroom) and a huge roof deck, complete with blue green Caribbean bliss. We looked at each other and smiled those real crazy smiles you just can't stop.

We could not believe after almost 15 years we finally had this adventure going. (You see, these two friends that see the world through the same eyes, sharing the same crazy spirit, talked about adventures for a long time...and now, they were making it happen.

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