A few more pix...

Some of the original creations that Zentangle has inspired.
(if anyone reading knows who's they are, please let me know!)

The designs of our new friend Mickey Weitsen, a calligrapher and potter from Covington, Louisiana right outside of New Orleans. I had the wonderful pleasure of having lunch with her and her husband Howard, an award winning artist...come to find out, someone else was being modest! They commented like many people there that it was the best seminar/workshop they had ever attended. No surprise! Rick and Maria planned everything down to the very last detail.

Fina Mann, who came all the way from Hong Kong, a 20 hour flight--- to be at the Zentangle seminar.

Scott Boilard's designs were so amazing. He blew everyone away and created a bunch of original patterns. Mickey and Nancy take a look at the break. Maria asked him to personally demonstrate one of his favs. My fear of public speaking kept me in my seat. UGH. I am such a chicken. I had alot to share and must get over this!


Na said...

Nice to meet you Michelle. You are so special in my heart.

I'm home now. Over 20 hours flight. I need some sleep.


Michelle May said...

Hi Fina! So glad you made it from all the way around the world for the seminar. It was great to meet you, too. Rest well. Michelle