An Unbelievable Day

Sparing no detail, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts put together an incredible evening reception at their home the night before our first day. There is a fine art to hosting and treating guests to moments of open candor and unforgettable magic. This is the stuff of life. This is living in the moments, in a world out of the box while being aware of every single second. This is what Zentangle teaches, "One Stroke at a Time". This is the very essence of who, what and how the art of Zentangle was concieved. You see, not only have I been inspired by Zentangle, but I am a huge fan of this dynamic duo, since working on The Folios of M. Thomas a few years ago, and a stationery album released in 2008 called Escargot, both for Checkerboard.

a collection of tiles by Scott Boilard...(amazing)

a mosaic of all participant's tiles after the first segment of the presentation

Today I headed out to Whitinsville, Massachusetts to attend the Zentangle Certification Seminar. Among a group of 50 really cool and diverse attendees, the day got started off with a bang. I was late (of course) and the group unanimously encouraged me to climb under a table to get to my closed off seat. People were laughing, Maria and Rick began the "encouragement" and it just got better from there.

When you are in the presence of these originators of Zentangle, you are truly in for a treat. Not like a scoop of vanilla after dinner or an amuse bouche to start, but a full on, blow your mind taste of the universe. Not only are they down to earth and witty as hell...BUT they are the most original, nonconformist, uninhibited duo to "tangle" with! Telling creative stories about the origins of concepts and the consumption of wine during brainstorming sessions is only one facet of their ying/yang style. The two of them are as connected and electric as two people can get. To watch them present is a joy in itself. Ultimately, there is the content of the Zentangle seminar too. From basic design techniques to the philosophical and meditative values, Zentangle is worth trying. It's like a sip of fine Rioja, a taste of the Belgian chocolate, an outerbody experience. Umm...the minutes following really good sex.

You get the picture. The best part is anyone can do it. Anyone can create a work of art in 15 minutes. Oh, I can't wait for tomorrow.

Let me tell you, I must have been transformed and reconnected with the cooking universe while tangling with my zen. I made the most insane eggplant parm for dinner tonight...fresh basil and parsley with chopped garlic and lemon zest. Ooh, and a bit of the juice squeezed over the first layer of roasted melanzane. You should have been here! The wine was pretty fantastic too. Thank you Payal for the decadent bottle of Cote du Rhone. I may have to have another sippy.

You live this life once.
enjoy dinner.
enjoy the laughter.
enjoy the pleasure of your 16 year old daughter doing those dishes.

(Don't forget.)


dottie said...

Just reading your descriptions are like being there! I'm no artist and I would like to try this now. You write so well Michelle, you take me right into your dining room where I can taste your eggplant parm and savor the wine, I'm smiling now. Thank you!

Michelle May said...

Big thanks Dottie, You are an artist and I can teach you how to do these amazing pieces. I hope to get a small group together to get my feet wet with instruction, so I can figure my presentation out. If you would like to join, I will keep you posted. If you know anyone else, feel free to invite. Michelle

ps...Vlad ate the rest of the eggplant(that i was thinking about all day)and it was even better today!

Sprout said...

Oooh! Sign me up for instruction too! Reminds me of an exercise from high school art class, but with more fun and no grades!

payal said...

yo Mich, this sounds incredible!! Can't wait to hear and see details from tommorow. The tiles look phenominal and I'm sure it was a great time with Maria and Rick as always!

payal said...

Yo Mich, this looks AMAZING!!! can't wait to see more pics