A Creative Evening

Scott Boilard and I sat around the dining room table tonight and zentangled, with wine of course. It's Monday, so why not. Tomorrow is the evening reception for the seminar and we are gearing up to have some cool stuff to bring with us. Bottom line...Scott's are much better than mine. He is the sketch master from another universe, so maybe I should go easy on myself. He can draw anything from memory with the finest detail known to humans. He is not real. His zentangles were a little more of the prolific and extraordinary talent with microns and profound vision that is Scott Boilard. Am I jealous, no, there is no way you can compete with this guy...unless you are DaVinci himself.

While we were "tangled" in the moment, Vladutz the photog was taking some pix. It's funny. I knew he was taking pictures, but I was lost, and didn't realize how long or how many he took. I was somewhere else. Scott and I had spotty conversation...we were just in the moment, enjoying a sip of wine and exchanging thoughts about the Oscar winners. BTW, He highly recommended Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight, and trust me if Scott recommends a movie, he knows. This is his other talent.

(see previous post on ZENTANGLE info)

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Sarah said...

Sooo Cooool! And yes, Scott is the master of all things art and movie trivia!