Walk the Earth

Walk the Earth to find your soul
Let your thoughts make you whole
Just the abstract moment lends
All the incarnation mends
Walk the Earth this day and next
Let your thoughts free
The internal struggle
binds your soul to thee
As the bells ring high
the chimes sound this day--
Close your eyes and be--
The stars appear
and so--
you are on to the next
Days come, they go
But this abstract thing
you know--
Residing deep within your soul
Your treasure only you know
When and if
you would ever share--
Or if you have shared
in disguise
Under the mask
of weakness
of hopefulness
of wonder--
And so your soul is walking
here and there to find
great and small--
glances and time spent
Fill your heart--
Perhaps until
another life unfolds

-M.May 2001

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