Baila me...

Baila baila baila me
Esta rumba a ta gitana
Que yo siempre cantare
Pero yo siempre cantare...

It's no blues act to be sure, but the Gipsy Kings are playing the new HOB tomorrow and I just can't wait. We have been missing the old House of Blues in Cambridge and this is an exciting addition to the Boston music scene. Finally a venue big enough for national acts and small enough for a more intimate show than the "Garden". Safe enough, that you don't have to worry about the balcony coming down like the Orpheum. Sadly, I read that alot of the decor from the old place at Harvard Square was stored down in New Orleans and much of it got damaged by Katrina. I can't wait to see what made it back to Boston. It's been a long time.

Can you see me dancing while I am typing? Pero yo siempre cantare...

Scott Smith is the art director and curator of the House of Blues who features a folk art expression to compliment the music of the south that the place is known for. The HOB officially opens Saturday with a performance by original Blues Brothers front man, Dan Ackroyd and stand in Jim Belushi.

This image via the Herald

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