A Transformation

We were starving. (You'll see this is an underlying theme of the trip!) With the help of YELP, I read reviews about a restaurant on the water called La Playita in Isla Verde. So, we ventured out to find the hommus plate recommended by a stranger online.

We walked down Isla Verde Avenue to get there. One thing you must know about Andreea and I is that we do alot of things the same without knowing. Andreea forgot her toothbrush, so coming through laughter about some random thing, we went to purchase the toothbrush and get some much needed water. She spent a moment checking out all the brushes, as I watched form the top of the aisle. She emerged proudly with the brush raised like an Oscar, having picked the best damn brush in all of PR...Yup, it was the same one I have. We will go weeks without seeing each other and arrive wearing the same colors or even the same clothes.

While we sat on the water, eating and being grateful for being there...a sweet rainbow danced out over the Caribbean. What a sign. Good things were happening and we were taking in every breath.

La Playita provided the much needed fuel we needed to nourish our bellies. Thank god. The drinks are very expensive in Puerto Rico. I think a goose was 13 bucks there. One cool thing we found as we venured up to the roof to take in the views was that they were solar powered, as least partially.

We would have to find alternatives and not pay too much for food and drink

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