Turning 40

{image by Kelly Hurley}

This year, a number of friends are quatrogenarians. I have already. This passed weekend, I spent the evening with my childhood friend, as she crossed the bridge in complete style...laughing and reminiscing about all the amazingly silly things we did, that made us who we are today.

Making the list: putting her sister's "borrowed" car in a ditch, cracking the windshield of her mother's new car, forcing skin tight Jordache jeans over a leg cast, getting into a bar under age with smuggled beer from my giant Louis Vuitton, walking miles and miles home from said bar in leg cast, doctor finding glass in cast and asking how it could have gotten there, our semi private tap dance routine to "Singing in the Rain"...all the way to being in each other's wedding's. The weddings are complete with 20 good stories of their own. Oh my, some good ones are just pouring into my head as I write. This calls for a follow up evening.

Yes, turning 40 is kind of a release, a permission slip to make things happen, to deliberately enjoy your life and to do things you set out to do in the first place. At least for me it has been...hell, I got my first speeding ticket the other day. One hundred eighty dollars of proof. It's kind of remarkable how this metamorphosis occurred...I could feel it actualizing.

So, happy, happy birthday, Sarah! I love your guts and need to see way more of you! (Watch out for the lead foot, it will cost you!)

{image via ffffound}


Sprout said...

I concur with that final sentiment!

Michelle May said...

Cathy, are you a lead foot? I hope things like this don't come in 3's. I will be out a boat load!