Aesthetic Heaven!

{image via 100 Layer Cake, original sources are linked there}

If you haven't discovered 100 Layer Cake and are planning a fete of any kind, or if you are looking strictly for color inspiration...watch this blog. It is genious! I love that it is purely organic, modern and daring...the coordinated inspiration boards of unexpected and bold combinations give me amazing validity that the cookie cutter wedding may get overlooked for more unique and personal presentations.

I know from experience that watching the same kind of styles and "rules" followed are slowly evolving into more creative weddings. If you have ever been to a wedding where some unexpected things are happening, I think it raises the bar on creativity for your own inspiration. I have been to many weddings that were incredibly conforming. It is a little sad to me, as I know what kind of planning goes into each wedding, no matter how big or small. It is an incredibly special and memorable day. There are a few blogs out there to watch, that capture the little creative forces that make a wedding UNFORGETABLE, as they should be. The little personal touches, and unexpected things make a huge difference.

Thank you 100 Layer Cake for bringing it... your blog kicks aesthetic to a new level!

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