Simple Pleasures

I have been thinking alot about simple pleasures. Little things that make life amazing, sometimes ecstatically amazing. A friend once taught me to look at the little things. Look around you and stop taking it all for granted pretty much...without words mind you. The example was amazing and humbling to me. I never really looked at the world the way he was describing it to me. I never saw what he was seeing and I felt pretty much ripped off that my eyes had been closed. So from that point on, they have been wide open and my world is a richer and more exciting place because of this experience. That is what happened to me.

Recently, I have been thinking about the small wonders in life and thinking that sometimes I am so busy that it is very easy to miss a lot of juicy tidbits. Distraction and blurred focus can do some damage to the small pleasure detectors. So I decided to lock and load mine and really focus on the small fun things................
Like: Watching my baby learn to speak and the little mispronunciations that make us all warm inside. Watching her discover the world. Listening to my son practice his guitar. Listen to my son play his baby sister's eucalali. Watching my big daughter pitch 9 innings and walk off the field with a big smile on her face, even though they lost by a run. Watching the sunset and all the amazing colors look like a surreal painting and not natures art at all. Listening to children play. Watching our 20 month old obsess over her green froggy boots that she must change into several times a day. Listening to the ocean. Feeling the warm sun on your face after a long winter. Cooking for the people I love.

These are just a few days worth of thoughts. I am wondering what your favorite moments are. Comment back here and let us know what else I am missing or haven't thought of...

{ps the little one, Soleil was on my lap as I wrote, she saw the image load and ran off. I heard her mooing over something, so I looked to find her struggling with her Robeez in frustration and next to her on the floor, the froggy boots laid, waiting for her attention. Life is sweet.}

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