{Modern Alchemy’s scented candles via Lovely Package}

Good candles can be pretty pricey, this package would make me consider any price. Honestly, it has perfect shelf appeal, in fact, it does not belong on a shelf. It deserves to be saved, both the box and the candle. How could you take a flame to that pretty thing?

It's circa 1970 and and we have Aunt Rosie's couch with the plastic still on it, in the room where children can only go when photographing the Easter picture in the Sunday finery...it's that good. I want to touch the box, and maybe smell it (the box and the candle) too.

Sidebar, visit Modern Alchemy, be patient and you will not be disappointed. Lush, details have been attended to.

{student work FIT via Lovely Package}

{vodka via lovely package and ffffound}

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