So... Sweet 100's

{image via gardencrossing}

Sweet 100's have to be my favorite garden veggie. My dad grew many different types, but this one drew me into the garden like an uninvited deer. To his dismay he would watch his garden daily and things would just disappear. After school I went straight to the Sweet 100's and picked myself a bunch, eating them as I went along. The smell of the vines and the fresh garden soil are reminiscent of summer and the sweet and tangy taste of this bright red stunner is the most quintessential "home grown" element of gardening to me.

The New England growing season is short, so you have to plan ahead, starting with pretty mature plants and mixing in younger ones, to ensure you will have fruit before Labor Day! The Sweet 100's are prolific and fast growers, bearing you fruit until frost. They are reliable and hardy and by far, my favorite!

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