It's the season

Players: Megan Kasala-Hallinan, Kara Finlay, Kristin Poti, Toni Scola, Caitlin Brosnihan, Catherine Lucy-Meagher, Lauren Kiritsy, Liz Griffin, Kelley Fluet, Colleen Olen, Kristina Latino, Ellie Higgins (first row-left), Laura Madaio, Deanne Jacobson }

Every spring and summer we gear up for outdoor softball and baseball. That means several practices and games per child (2) per week. When your daughter plays on 3 teams, and your son another, that makes for alot of action. We live in the Tatnuck area of Worcester, Massachusetts, which means they have grown up with Jesse Burkett Little League. This league has brought so much to our family and the community here in Worcester.

On any given day of the week, you can head down to Rockwood Field or the A field and find families and friends having fun, playing ball, munching on Burkett fries and watching their kids learn to play ball, never giving up, coming back from major defecits to win big games. As pitchers, my kids were also lucky enough to have learned to work hard under pressure, in front of alot of people, especially at States, when Elle threw the winning game bringing in the winning run on a bunt with two outs! As this public pressure thing puts the fear of God in me, I am full of gratitude for this bonus!

They enrich the kids with a love of the games, the teammates and give them an amazing spirit of the game itself. My children have been coached by some of the most creative and dedicated coaches out there, so I just wanted to post a little cheers to JBLL and thank them for over 10 years of incredible memories. From Ellie's first day of T-Ball to regionals at the senior level, your dedication and commitment have given all of our families the best springs a softball/baseball community has to offer!

JBLL also created a strong base for so many to play highly competitve ASA and AAU, and giving them the skills and foresight to prepare for college ball, while maintaining a commitment to learning and fun. From sending the boys to Willamsport, Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series, and the girls to Albany and Maryland for Junior and Senior Regionals and now hosting Senior Regionals in what will soon be a great new complex here in Worcester, Burkett and the coaches and friends always show them the way. It's not a league, it's a family.

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