Bali Heaven continued

{all images via living etc.}

I am so in love with this place. I almost can't stand it. It is the sweetest creative environment that I think I've ever seen. The colors and subtle drama really evoke the organic and eclectic style that I crave in everything from food to fashion.
Annelie Audureau and her husband, Jean-Jacques, the creators of this eco-friendly heaven have gotten inside my creative brain and run wild. I love their free spirited approach to everything.

In my town and in my world I find that, I step into people's homes and they are
interchangeable. Apples or chickens and roosters in the kitchen, standard items. Put it this way, I just never fit in. My children's friends and their parents who would come into my home, not knowing much about me, would step into the kitchen and kind of do the "i am not looking around at what is on the walls" routine.

Upon my walls are photographs taken by my friends on world adventures, paintings by my admired artists friends, art created by my children and myself along with various collected artifacts. They have all
received the single eyebrow raise from those who put apples in their kitchen. Don't get me wrong I love apples and paint alot of them in fact...for our Jewish New Year cards. Those apples pretty much rock. Done right, apples on your kitchen walls could rock. A chartreuse apple on a nice sepia wall with a little gold silk screen action would do justice to the apple. Bottom line, the cock and the apple need a new vibe.

Kick some color and originality into your life...today. Sorry apple and ah, chicken lovers. You won't find them in my kitchen, but your children will have their eyes opened to some really great art and photography. All the while saying that they can't believe my friends "can make that". When they ask lots of questions about the artists and where they live, what they do and how they do it, I will think of myself as a little cultural contributor to the free spirit world. I am not your average mama so please don't look for my apples.

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