The Power of Cathy Walsh and Worcester bits...

Cathy never fails to make me smile, laugh out loud or make me feel like maybe I am not thoughtful enough, not even close. Besides being unbelievably creative and original with her floral designs, Cathy Walsh is probably one of the most generous and thoughtful businesswomen in the city. Free wreaths at Christmas, so every business has one............what?

Cathy Walsh is a doer, not a sayer, not a dreamer. She does amazing and incredible things for other people, for the whole city! Now she and a group of rebelrousers she has enlisted are planting flowers around town for the International Sunflower Guerilla Gardening Day, May 1, originating in Brussels, Belgium. They were building the "bombs" tonight in her shop! ( I wish I peeked in the window to see this go down). I can hear the mission impossible music now! Sunflower mud bombs that will be hurled into deserving spots around Worcester. All the Romanians will be so happy. It will feel like home with all the sunflowers blooming. I think I shall plant some myself!

{image via Sprout}

Sprout has earned the Best of Worcester Florist award for the 6th out of 8 years she has been in business. Congratulations to you Cathy and Francoise for all you do to beautify and make people smile. Your work makes people happy at important and special times in their lives. You take full advantage and make every order extra Sprouty!!!

For more info
on the movement and how you can help spread the sunflower love around Worcester,
see Cathy's blog for details.

Congrats also to the other winners of Worcester Magazine's Best of Worcester including Armsby Abbey for 13 awards and Punkystyle for her creative and inspiring fashion adventure blog. Don't miss her next clothing swap here in Worcester. She was Chronicle'd for her swaps in Boston!

Canal District Clothing Swap
Saturday, May 30th, 11am - 4:00pm
Where: 138 Green Street/ Crompton Place


and I saw on
I'm From Worcester.....
Still Green is premiering at Worcester Showcase North.


Sprout said...

You make me sound way more thoughtful and more virtuous than I think I probably am. But thank you!

punky said...

Thanks for mentioning the swap, I hope you can make it!