I like your TUSH and your HICKS

{Tush 138 Green Street Worcester, Massachusetts, photo via Erb Photo's Blog}

{Tush Denim Boutique Worcester, image via Erb Photo}

If you haven't been in to Tush and you are fashionista and jean connoisseur, I highly recommend stopping by located at 138 Green Street Worcester, Massachusetts. Deb Covino and Shannon Gray have put together a collection and taste is top notch and the store is funky and fun, and you have the benefit of personal attention.

Ooh, they also carry the jewelry of Jessica Hicks, who I just love. She is all over Hollywood glam and is based in Nantucket, Massachusetts, but was raised in good ol' Worcester. Now she is hobnobbing with celebs and getting press wherever her designs go. Nice.

{Sarah Jessica Parker with Jessica Hicks image via Jessica Hicks}

{Image of Ali Larter and Brooke Sheilds wearing
Jessica Hicks via
Bella Diva Designs}

Pretty sweet, huh? So, what is that? Two amazingly cool designers from Worcester in the last week. Christina Sullivan of Tocar, NYC and Jessica Hicks. I wonder if they played Little League here in town. I don't think the Paula Zawalich Dance Academy would have supported athletic activity, so I believe I shall find out about Jessica. That would just make me smile.

Side note: I was having dinner with friends at Block 5 in Worcester, Covino connection, and our waitress had the most amazing necklace on. She had a nice summer tan and the delicate silvery yumminess just glistened on her neck. I asked her about it and she said, "Oh, my sister's design"...Hicks connection. She returned in a moment with a business card. Good sister, fine jewelry...and the food and drinks rocked, as usual. A good night out in Worcester.

For those of you from afar, Block 5 is across the street from Tush, so a good shop and a tastey
treat across the street makes for a great adventure. Mike Covino, Deb's hubby is also part of Niche Hospitality Group, aka Mezcal, Bocado, as well as Block 5 and I hear some new Worcester locations are on the way!!! If you live in Worcester, you know the lowdown. If not, you should visit and stop in any of the 3 locations...you won't be disappointed.

In true Worcester fashion, there are family and friend connections everywhere!

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