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Yesterday's post featuring Studio on Fire, prompted an email from Fabien Barral, whose business card was in the last frame of the post. He sent along his other links, work that I quickly devoured and savored. Work that ignited my creative spirits. Work that truly changed my day. I have been talking about packaging and messaging getting back to basics and being more organic. Designers like Fabien that are passion-driven and provocative are going to be getting alot more work, in my foresight, in my hopes! Based in France, I hope the imagery and concepts of his kind of work get noticed here in the states.

This is the project of Fabien Barral and his wife for Harmonie Interieure wall stickers. The creative concept is organic, alive and so very beautiful. The concept changes slightly from package to package of other decor items, always keeping interest and never loosing you. I could post every image here, but I hope you click the link so you can experience it all for yourself.

{All images via the websites of Fabien Barral, links listed below,
I urge you very strongly to click and discover, just freshen your morning coffee or evening beverage, like a nice rioja before you do!}

This is only one part of the grand demographic that is Fabien Barral {his freelance graphic design} of this work for Haromonie Interieure {stickers and other cool imagery}. The imagery and presentation of the items are pretty compelling. The last shots here are of his daughter in her dream childrens room, nestled in a little countryside home (that is to die for) in Auvergne, France.

He also sent me his design blog, Graphic Exchange that I must also share.........oh, today was a great day for inspiration.

Merci, Fabien! I will be looking for you on Behance, when I can take a breath.

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