St.Patrick's Day

{Soleil in her special Kerry "O'Connell" Amidon sweater}

{everyone is Irish at the parade}

{My son, Matthew Higgins is at the far right. Go West Side!}

{remembering fallen soldiers}

{i love these guys}

{images of St. Patrick's Day Parade Worcester, Massachusetts, by me}

Today is St.Patrick's Day of celebration and recognition of Irish roots. I woke this morning to a text from my mother, wishing me a happy St. Patty's Day. She does not know how to text. A chuckle, as I remember the card in my purse that I failed to mail to my parents. Darn. One day I will be on time. For now, the weather is nice this week and makes you feel hopeful for spring. Today I have warm thoughts of my Irish roots and Irish music in my head.


Alita said...

Parade day always makes me happy - it's like the whole city becomes one small neighborhood. Gorgeous images, Michelle, thanks for sharing!

Michelle May said...

Yes, I wish the city had a social atmosphere. That is one goal I have...to contribute to Worcester's community. That is why I started Cirque du Noir...let's see what else is in store...thanks Alita!